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Ten On Tuesday

As I mentioned last week, I love taking photographs this time of year. And since we’ve already covered cookies and music I think talking about our 10 Favorite Things to Photograph at Christmastime is a great topic for this week. Hope you do, too!

December 10, 2012

  1. Lights. I love unfocused lights in the background of a photo. Most of our lights are white but now that the tree is up I can photograph colored ones, too. Hooray!
  2. Decorations. This might be weird but I like to photograph my house once it’s decorated. I save those photos and I will look at them next December when I can’t remember what goes where. It’s really quite helpful.
  3. Greens. I have greens around my doorways, I have greens in vases and on windowsills and anywhere else I can think of. They are beautiful in photos.
  4. Wreaths. They can be simple and lovely or highly decorated and fashionable, either way they are photograph worthy.
  5. Flowers. Poinsetties, amaryllis, red roses, all of the flowers of Christmas are pretty.
  6. Candy & cookies. A pretty display of cookies is often quickly eaten but a photograph preserves them forever.
  7. The Christmas tree and ornaments. Lots of opportunities for pretty bokeh there plus it’s good to have a photographic record of the tree each year.
  8. Family. I am not someone who enjoys photographing people. I don’t like asking them to pose and I try and get candids whenever possible. However, it’s so very nice to have a shot of the entire family together on a holiday.
  9. Pets. If you can get them to stay still!
  10. Presents. I like to capture them unwrapped and being unwrapped and after the unwrapping when there’s paper everywhere and the living room looks like Christmas threw up all over the place. It’s the only time that I don’t mind utter chaos because it’s also utterly fun!

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  1. agree – sharing holiday photos is a very fun part of blogland this time of year! great list, Carole, and yes, perfect timing!

  2. You Holiday photos show just exactly how beautiful and fun Christmas can be! You cover it all from decorations to baking to gift giving and family!

  3. Love pet pix, but as you said, it’s really hard to get them to pose. My doggies always want to investigate the camera even when I try to sneak up on them! We used to cut our own tree at some friends’ property. When that ended (they divorced)! we tried buying trees for several years, but they were so dry we finally caved and got an artificial tree–still miss the live greens!

  4. We have a lot of the same items on this list! I rarely think of taking pictures of the lights out of focus, though. I think I need a better camera to be able to do that true justice, but it’s something I’ll have to keep in mind.

  5. I used some photos to help me figure out how I set up our Christmas village last year. I also used a photo of my cleaned out pantry to help me reorganize after our wood floors were redone. My iPhone is becoming my memory.

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