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A Little Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

I am swamped. Between the wrapping and the baking and the shopping and the socializing, the working and the gmail migrating and on and on, well, there just isn’t much time for blogging.  On top of the general busy-ness, there has been drama. I was truly emotionally overwhelmed by some really crappy stuff that happened to my wonderful husband over the last month but I will say that the horrific events in Connecticut last week put some perspective on what’s tolerable and what’s not. And I will also say that things are much better, which is probably the only reason I can even make reference to it now. We have made some pretty good lemonade out of some really rotten lemons and I am so grateful for our ability to come through this relatively unscathed. I do need some vodka in that lemonade, though, or maybe I should just make lemontinis and be done with it.

The bottom line, though, is this: it’s Christmastime and, in spite of the busy and the crappy, I’m finding a silver lining. I’m holding my family close and I’m remembering what’s important in this world and I’m grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have 6 pounds of Swedish meatballs to prepare. Ahem.


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  1. Beautiful picture of you two! The past week has been extraordinarily difficult to negotiate and when you add in our personal difficulties it all because so overwhelming at times. We simply need to focus on the gifts in our lives, family and friends. We all will hold the ones we love a bit closer this year. Merry Christmas, Carole and family!

  2. Hope Dale’s okay! I think it is extremely easy to become overwhelmed at the holidays. You think you have to do all these things… but really, you don’t. Maybe it’s time Hannah learned to make the meatballs. Or maybe this will go down in family history as The Christmas Without Meatballs. Or buy frozen meatballs, make the sauce & no one will be the wiser. I do think you need to find a balance, though; I know from personal experience that if you scale the holidays back *too* much, it becomes depressing. Merry Christmas to all of you & Happy New Year, too!

  3. What a great photo of you two! and good thoughts that the drama puts y’all in a better place for 2013. enjoy the busy-ness. and a few cocktails might be just the thing! merry merry!

  4. Lemonade. . . with vodka. . . lemontinis . . . they’ll all do! The most important thing is that you got through it, and Dale got through it. Much love to you, Carole! XOXOXO

  5. Thanks for that great picture of the two of you.

    My response to the week’s events is to shamelessly spoil my 6-year-old grandson this Christmas. DD has sheltered him from the news, and he knows none of it; he will simply have a wonderful experience…which is as it should be. Here’s hoping your Christmas will be wonderful, too!

  6. I so relate to this post. The challenge this year, I think, is to be “merry and bright” despite all of the horribleness. Don’t even know if that is possible…I think we all just try to settle for a bit of peace and rest this year. I haven’t been reading many blogs lately with the general busyness of life, so didn’t hear about what happened to your husband. I hope that he is well and that everything is OK. Do have a nice holiday.

  7. Oh no!!! I hope Dale is ok. As long as it’s not health related, everything will be fine. Listen to me be all old and wise. Ha! With my brother and father arriving on Saturday and work deadlines I too feel overwhelmed and I haven’t even decorated for Christmas. I hope everything works itself out for you guys.

  8. Your attitude is awesome! I do hope though that you get a few less lemons in the new year. Merry Christmas!

    I have a yen for Swedish meatballs now!

  9. I am glad that it worked out for Dale. I knew it would be better in the end. I am glad to have you guys in our lives. Can’t wait to see you Sunday for some Football and on Christmas Eve after the family visits. Merry Christmas to both of you 🙂

  10. I’m so sorry there is yet more drama in Dale’s work life and I hope it is behind you forever. Your holiday will be merry and bright because that’s the type of people you are. If anyone can make lemons into lemontinis it is you!! XOXOX

  11. That is a lovely photo that you will cherish for a long time!

    I’m sorry that you and Dale have been going through hard times and I’m glad it’s getting better. That’s got to be really difficult when added to how busy things are right now.

    Good luck with getting everything done! On Tuesday night I realized that I had been inserting an extra day into the week. For some reason I was thinking that Christmas Eve was on Tuesday night. Nope! So I made a five day Excel planner and this morning I’ll be scheduling everything. When I pray for me to not be stressed and to get everything done, I’ll include you, too!

  12. December is such a stress-laden month under “normal” circumstances. This year, it’s really been piled on. Remember to enjoy the important things and hug your loved ones more often. Like that handsome guy sitting next to you in the picture. 🙂 Merry Christmas, Carole!

  13. Deep breaths, cocktails, and family, and you’ll get through it all! I have been helped by your post and all the good advice in the comments. For the first time, I have time off work before Christmas instead of just after, so I’m a little less stressed than usual. No meatballs on my to-do list, though!

  14. I know that you will have a marvelous Christmas, despite all the drama, busy-ness, cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, et al. I am feeling overwhelmed myself, and being sick for almost a week certainly did nothing to help alleviate those feelings. I can’t imagine a Christmas without your meatballs, so I’m glad you’re pressing on …

  15. Hoping the drama keeps it’s ugly head hidden for a good long time. Merry Christmas and happy family wishes to the both of you. 6 lbs of swedish meatballs (she yells!) the Delay’s are on the way! 😉

  16. I think you probably do too much on a regular basis. Every year most peple expect everything to be perfect. Do all the holiday traditions need you to make them happen? It’s okay to start letting some of them go. My husband always had to do all the cooking and baking nonsense for his elderly family. I’ve never cared what I ate for Christmas. Every year I suggest he should do less. Sit down with Dale and start a list of things you don’t care about doing anymore. It will give you extra time for him and you which is the most important thing. I know this may sound crazy to you but if you have a sandwhich after church on Christmas day there is more time for visiting and relaxing. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  17. I’m sorry about your ‘bumps in the road of life but glad things are getting better. Merry Christmas.

    I’m making your Polish tea cakes recipe today along with other holiday baking. We are enduring a blizzard today but feel lucky we don’t have to go out in it – a good day for baking.

  18. What a cute couple! The lemontinis sound like a perfect idea which I hope will be a celebration of better days ahead for Dale, and, of course, for you. I am praying that the events in Conneticut will have at least one positive outcome, namely some common sense about gun rights. Merry Christmas!

  19. Carole,

    Beautiful picture of you and Dale! Sorry to hear about the “drama” that occurred, but certainly glad that the worst is behind you now. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  20. LOOK at all these people who took the time to comment – a lovely and well-deserved gift to you, indeed!

  21. What a great pic of you two! I hate drama. But it happens to most of us. Grin and keep your chin up. There’s a lot not happening for the holidays over here this year either. Me coming down with the flu was the final straw.

  22. Sorry to hear about the drama. We have had some too this fall, and you are right, for the most part we put them aside (other than family health issues) last Friday by putting them into perspective. I think I need to follow Beth’s lead and set up a spreadsheet for the next few days. We had a new ceiling put in last week which put me much later than normal for the tree and the like, but I thought I was on track until we found out that a friend’s father passed away and we are losing this evening and tomorrow morning to the funeral and then my daughter-in-law’s family plans changed and they are now coming to us in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, which means I have to be ready for our open house about 5 hours earlier. I keep saying to myself that it will allget done, and it most likely will, especially if I set up a spreadsheet.

    That is a lovely photo of you and Dale.

  23. You guys are so cute! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great holiday, and everything else gets resolved.

  24. What a fabulous picture of the two of you.

    I’m sorry things have been raining down on Dale lately, but am glad you’ve been able to make lemontinis out of the mess.

    Wishing you, Dale, and your family a wonderful Christmas.

  25. Tis hard, and worse with personal crap thrown in. I’m glad you have found a way to motor on through, and catch some joy in the season.

  26. Just reading this blog now. Glad you made lemonade and
    lemon martinis out of those lemons and I am sorry you
    and your husband had to endure the unkind stuff. It’s sad
    that some adults still behave the way they do. But your
    paragraph “the bottom line” says it all and after the past
    week, that is all that matters. Merry Christmas and a Happy,
    Healthy New Year to you and your family.

  27. Great photo of the two of you. Merry Christmas and glad you were able to put all in perspective. Drama always fades away in the end. Life and Love are what’s important and you already know that. I enjoy your blog.

  28. So sorry you had morons on your team. I’m glad you & Dale were able to get through it, though. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! And lemontinis, lots of lemontinis!!

  29. I LOVE that photo of the two of you!! And oh, honey, I’m so sorry about the crappy, but glad that you’re able to make lemontini’s out of it. I’m still feeling the blow of the massacre in CT, not sure I’ll ever get over it, but yes, the beauty of family, and savoring that, makes a difference. Sending you Happy New Year hugs

  30. I appreciate your finding some perspective. I’m still working on that. I also appreciate Martha’s comment above. I wish I had read it a while ago. We scaled back too much and now are looking back to a bleak holiday. Time to learn from your wise words, dear friend.

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