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Ten On Tuesday

Today’s topic is a timely one for those of you who are starting a new fitness routine. It’s even good if you’ve had a long term commitment to fitness because everyone can use some inspiration now and again. And what is the topic, you may ask? Well it comes from Kym and here it is:

10 Tips for Sticking with your Fitness Routine

  1. Find a program that you love. If you take only one thing on this list to heart let it be this one. If you don’t love what you’re doing you aren’t going to stick with it no matter how determined you are. I love running – well, in a weird way. mostly what I love is the way I feel when I stop running – and that’s the number one reason I keep going back to it. I love doing it.
  2. Plan ahead. At the beginning of the week I look at my schedule and figure out what days I can go to the gym before work or after work. Sometimes I have meetings and work a split schedule so I can go in the middle of the afternoon, my favorite time to work out, actually. Before work rarely happens for me but after work is something I do about once a week. And if I’m going after work I bring my stuff with me and I change into my workout clothes at work so that I can go straight to the gym.
  3. Don’t overdo it. Nothing derails an exercise program like an injury so listen to your body and take it slow when you need to. Even if you’re going slowly you’re still doing laps around the people that are just sitting on the couch.
  4. Have a support group. Family members, friends, coworkers – find people who will support your commitment to exercise. They will kick you in the ass when you need it if you ask them.
  5. Hire a trainer. I’ve had great luck with my trainer at the Y and sometimes having that appointment with her was key to getting myself to the gym.
  6. Set short term goals. Goals are important and I actually think short term ones are the most important. I set myself a goal of running 25 miles this month. I hit the half way mark on Sunday so I’m right on track. I’m pretty competitive, even with myself, so I’m more likely to get out and run if I know that doing so will mean that I meet (okay, I like to surpass!) my goal.
  7. Set long term goals. My long term goal is to run an 11 minute mile and the best way to do that is to stick with my short term goal of running a set number of miles each month. Practice, practice, practice.
  8. Chart your progress. I use My Fitness Pal on my iPhone to record all of my exercise. Not only does it track calories for me but it also allows me to see how far I’ve come and that is a great motivator.
  9. Use social media. There are lots of jokes on Facebook about people who simply must tell the world every time they go for a run or go to the gym. And sure, maybe my friends don’t all need to know every time I go but it helps me so much to check in and get all those “likes” on my check in. I also have a private group of friends who are runners and staying in touch with them, asking questions and getting advice from those with more experience than I do is also very beneficial.
  10. This is right up there with #1. Nobody ever regrets working out but you sure as hell will regret if it you don’t. So just do it.

I hope this helps all of you, I know it helped me to write it and I like knowing I can go back and read this post when I need a little motivation. Because sometimes we all need a little motivation!

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  1. I really like this topic, and hope that your suggestions and others’ will make some people give fitness another try. It’s never too late!

  2. I’ll have to check out My Fitness Pal. Planning ahead is really key. And taking it slow. Nothing can bum you out more than an injury.

  3. I could’ve guessed this topic came from Kym! I like the social media aspect (that one didn’t occur to me, but you’re right – it’s encouraging!)

  4. YOU are the Poster Child for Sticking-With-Your-Fitness-Plan, Carole! You are AWESOME and I am so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. You’re an inspiration!

  5. I need to follow your lead and make an effort to get to the gym. Must find a trainer to work out a routine for me. That might be the key. Warmer weather will make a big difference, too.

  6. I’ve discovered Bikram Yoga this fall and find myself yearning for it every day. It doesn’t hurt that it’s 9 degrees outside and I’m constantly trying to stay warm! You have been a big inspiration for me too, Carole!

  7. This wws one of the best 10 on Tuesdays ever! You not only presented a list of what to do, but an excellent explanation and rationale for each item. Thank you!

  8. These lists are all great. I’m getting irritated that I have a writing project to complete today because I feel like getting up and moving around.

  9. Great tips, Carole, not just for sticking with it, but things to keep in mind when beginning. Today’s posts ought to be a great resource!

  10. Great list Carole. If i ever get the urge to get off the couch then I’m sure that this will give me the inspiration I need to keep exercising.

  11. Good list! Doing what you enjoy is certainly the best, and doing what feels good! Sometimes I hear its good to try new things, because you can get bored with the same workout. But if you run, you can just try someplace new, such as trail or beach running.

  12. Oh, you know I would love this post! Thank you for the tips and reminders. My goal of running 6 races this year is the only thing getting me to the gym today!

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