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Blizzard of 2013

As you may have heard, we had a bit of a snow event here last weekend. And by snow event I mean, we got hammered with about 24 inches of snow. That, my friends is a lot of snow. But why tell you when I can show you?

These are the chairs on my deck on Saturday morning. Care to sit and have a cold beer with me? I’m guessing your answer is no. It was still snowing at this point, by the way.

And this is our wood pile, along with some extra wood Dale put on the deck in the garden cart. If you know the relative size of a garden cart then you can get some perspective on how deep the snow was.

Our picnic table was also covered in snow so I don’t think you’ll want to sit there and eat a nice, juicy cheeseburger with me any more than you’d want that beer on the deck.

The poor arborvitae were completely bent over. We’re hoping they make a full recovery but this has never happened to them before so only time (and the arrival of spring) will tell.

This is the view looking across our street to our neighbor’s driveway. You can see how deep the snow is by how much of the fence posts are buried and by how high it comes up to this young woman. They shoveled that whole long driveway themselves – quite a task!

Our other neighbor has a snow blower and you can see him slowly cutting a path through the snow of yet another neighbor’s driveway in this photo. It was deep, deep, deep.

There was a lot of drifting and our cars weren’t quite as buried as they could have been.

Nevertheless, we were grateful (there was cheering, in fact) when this good Samaritan helped us out. We didn’t know who he was at the time but he came back later to beg the use of our bathroom and we found out it was a friend of my stepson’s. We sent him back on his way with clean, dry socks, a fresh cup of coffee and some home baked peanut butter cookies. One good turn does indeed deserve another.

All things considered, my family was extremely lucky. We never lost power, cable or telephone so we were warm and entertained and in touch with the outside world. I made up for not shoveling by cooking and baking things like lasagna, cookies, homemade marshmallows and hot chocolate (more on that later!) and chili. We played games and did some drinking and actually enjoyed our snowed in little world for a few days.

And now? I’m ready for spring.

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  1. I was thinking of you and how you made out with the blizzard. We got 33 inches but thankfully had power! I actually enjoyed the snow but didn’t like wondering how we would get my mom plowed out in the city. Still facing issues as her street is still one lane. Can’t wait for the plow to dump the icy chunks in her driveway!

  2. I just love snow . . . a bunch of snow! But. I want it to stop by the end of February so spring can arrive. So glad you weathered the storm in safe, cozy fashion! (And I’ll bet the Good Samaritan with his digger was having a grand time!) Once it warms up a bit, it’ll be amazing . . . how fast it melts!

  3. 24″ at once is a bit excessive. I think Mother Nature has a weird sense of humor! Glad you were warm and cozy and could enjoy the weekend.

  4. I laugh at your 24 inches of snow. My town was the winner with a whopping 40 inches. The kids are still not back at school and who knows when they will be. Spring can not come to early for me. At least the sun is out today.

  5. Snow is so beautiful, peaceful and pure when it first falls. The muffling of noise, the crunch underfoot, the snow angels! But the, it turns gray and takes forever to melt and we get to the point of “so over it”. We’re ready for spring and blue skies!

  6. How nice, photographically speaking, that your neighbor had the red hat and yellow shovel. We were whacked with snow and terrific blowing here by the sea, too, but when I looked out the window this morning, it’s all mostly melted away.

  7. Yeah, I’m done with this whole winter wonderland thing … bring on Spring! And while we’re at it … where’s that mangy little groundhog? I need to speak with him about a few things!

  8. I am *mumbledy mumbledy* years old and I still get a joyous sense of happiness whenever I get a snow day.

    I think it comes from growing up in Louisiana.

  9. Our power went out, which resulted in our house getting down to just over 50 degrees. I’m thankful that we didn’t have the power out for longer than 24 hours. I know there were some people still without power yesterday, but at least my friends in West Scituate had their power restored.

  10. Will you really have to wait for spring to see the last of the snow? Colorado is so wierd–we’ve actually had plenty of white Easters, but the snow melts quickly when the sun comes out. In mid-winter it will stay in the north facing back yard for weeks, but melt in the front. The worst blizzard closed school for a week and caused an eight foot drift on our roof, and lots of collapses. In any case, I’m glad you were safe and warm during the blizzard and wish I’d been at your place for all those goodies!

  11. If I never had to drive in it, I’d love snow. I can drive in just about any traffic (I learned to drive in Los Angeles!), but in snow? Oy. I does look lovely and you have such a merry spirit about it. Your shot of the neighbor shoveling is very picturesque.

  12. Lovely pictures. We got 36 inches, your 24 looks much more manageable. Our street finally got plowed on Monday night. Two men came by after the plow and cleaned out all the snow the plow dumped in our driveway between what we had allready done and the road. Not sure who they were but we were thankful. My father (who’s 85) and I spent about 9 hours plowing out our own yard and then our 89 year old neighbors. Then my father helped our other neighbor finish up the end of her driveway (she had been shoveling it all out herself).

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