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Ten On Tuesday

Sooooooo winter is still going strong here in New England. We’ve had lots of unsettled weather and some very cold and windy days and I’m just done with it. You know? And that’s why this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Reasons Why You Are Ready for Winter To Be OVER. Note the capital letters on the word over, please. OVER. Okay, here’s why:

  1. Snow. Sure, it’s pretty for about 5 minutes. And then it’s brown and slushy and messy. And someone (usually not me, I will admit) has to clean it up.
  2. Messy and icy sidewalks. I’m ready to run outside again and that’s just not happening until those sidewalks are cleaned up.
  3. Wind chill. Those are two words I’d be happy to never hear again.
  4. Sick people. There’s the ones with the flu and the ones with the stomach thing and the ones with the colds and pneumonia and bronchitis and sinus infections and and and. I’m avoiding ALL of them.
  5. Dry skin. The best way to not get sick is to wash wash wash your hands and that leads to very dry skin. Right now my hands look like they belong to someone much older than I actually am.
  6. Static cling. All that dry air makes my hair completely uncontrollable and I loathe static-y hair.
  7. Lower gas mileage. My car just doesn’t run as efficiently when the weather turns very cold. I’m ready for 27-30 mpg again.
  8. Having to wear a coat. I’d like to just to throw on a lightweight shawl and go!
  9. Tending the fire. I do love our wood stove but by this time of year I’m getting tired of dealing with the mess and the work of it. Of course Dale does the majority (okay ALL) of the work but still, I’m looking forward to letting that fire go out and cleaning up the area and sticking a vase of flowers on there instead of a pot of water.
  10. I miss my deck. I miss having drinks on my deck with Dale. I miss being outside without freezing my ass off.

I will admit that writing this list hasn’t improved my attitude towards winter at all. But Friday is the first day of March and there are lots of things to be happy about once March rolls around. And I’m thinking I just settled on next week’s topic. Hmmm.

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  1. Ugh. I like snow (generally; only from December through about mid-February). But I am ready for Winter to hit-the-road! I’m afraid we’re in for a bit more, though . . .

  2. I’m sure that all your peeps in the Northern Hemisphere are right behind you on your whole list. Amen!

    I don’t have any wood burning capability here, but I’m sure sick of hearing the furnace run, and refilling the humidifier all day long. Oy! Enough already!

  3. I felt a little guilty whining about my “winter”… and I really got a jump start on next week instead. hope spring comes soon for y’all. you need it!!

  4. Five and six are constants if you live in Utah. The only thing I want in the next week is a few warm days strung together! Bring on some warming!!

  5. I agree with #6, the static cling affecting my hair has been worse than ever! Every day I fight to keep my bangs from either standing up or pressed flat to my head!

  6. I miss affordable berries. Food options are so much better in the summer. It’s on the average 10 degrees warmer here in NYC than your part of New England. Snow really hasn’t been that big a part of the equation. But I used to live in Mass and I feel for you.

  7. I totally agree! I wouldn’t be sad if I never had to wear a heavy coat again. EVER. I’ve been in a tropical climate since June, and guess what? I don’t even mind sweating anymore. But winter? I’m done with that!

  8. You really shouldn’t sugar coat your feelings about winter. ;^) It is a necessary evil where I live, or we would have not water at all come summer. At least the days are getting longer.

  9. I’m with Katie about the food. I miss produce that was grown local and not in a greenhouse. I would love to see my own strawberry plants flower. I don’t get many berries (I have a tiny patch of plants), but I love to see them with their beautiful leaves and flowers.

  10. We had an odd respite from the winter over the Presidents Day weekend – temps in the low 50s. Of course our spirits lifted. Alas, we are back to snow and dirty roads (and dirty cars!). I can’t wait to see the red wing black birds and robins return!

  11. Oh, Carole I hope that Winter ends really soon Just For You! I know how you hate it. I’m with you on the coats though. I’d rather leave mine at home too.

  12. We had a huge snow over the weekend, but still have problems with mountain snowpack. Have you noticed that snow is soooooo romantic in December…Feb/Mar not so much. And then there’s April…who’s dreaming of a white Easter!

  13. Some great reasons to be wanting winter to be OVER. Our winter hasn’t had a whole lot of bite this year. Though we just had another dusting of snow this morning after getting about 9 inches on Sunday. But that was our first real snow of the season. But, historically February and March tend to be our snowiest years. We really need the moisture so I’d put up with the snow clearing and mud and slush if we had a few more of these before spring. But it definitely is putting a cramp in my running.

  14. Hang in there – ‘twon’t be long until we’re griping about its being too warm/muggy/just plain hot (pick 1 or more) 😉

  15. I feel like an odd duck as I’m not yet sick of winter. Weird, right??? But I am fed up with the static cling and fly away hair. It seems worse this year than I’ve dealt with in previous years!

  16. I live in New England too, don’t have a garage and I am so tired of cleaning off my car at 5:45 am before I can go to work. So to all ten of your reasons, I say Amen Sister, Amen.

  17. so with you on the dry skin! sometimes I look down at my hands and think that they look just like my mothers – not in a good way. no amount of water or lotion seems to help at this point. enough already!

  18. Wish I could join in but central Texas winter is a joke. We have already had 80 degrees this month. My hand knits barely see the light of day. BTW it only snows, on average, about every 20 years or so. The city is crippled for about one day and it’s over. I think I’d like to try a weeks vacation someplace snowy. Maybe that will cure my snow/winter envy.

  19. I look forward to longer days but honestly I’m ok with winter. Especially this year with all of the pretty snow. But longer days I can get behind that.

  20. You are right about the snow is good for about 5 minutes. My father-in-law said it was only good for postcards. I like the change of seasons, but I think I have SADS (seasonal…’something’ depression syndromes or some such list of words. The old term was ‘cabin fever’ which I guess is old fashioned, but you get the meaning. 🙂

  21. Your true feelings are showing, Carole! Ha! I’m not the least bit surprised. Many people leave your part of the world for mine (and climes farther south) for just these reasons!!

    Better days, thankfully, are coming! (oh, and yes, I’m a day late linking up — oops!)

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