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Ten On Tuesday

I have lots of things on my mind these days. Frankly, I always have lots of things on my mind. Sometimes I can pull those things into a theme and create a Ten on Tuesday list. And then other times they are random topics and that’s when I decide that Ten on Tuesday should be 10 Random Things On My Mind.

  1. Easter dinner. It’s in less than 2 weeks and I haven’t invited the family, planned the menu or anything. Time to get crackin’.
  2. Google Reader. It’s going away and everyone is making suggestions on other RSS readers to use. It’s not going away until July 1st, though, so I’m just going to sit tight and let everyone else do the research and then tell me which feed reader is the best one. My money is on Feedly.
  3. Knitting. The socks I am knitting (pictured above) are taking for-freakin-ever. And I don’t have anything else I’m excited about knitting at the moment. I need to start something new that will keep my attention for a bit.
  4. Bathing suits. We will be in Mexico in less than a month and I don’t have a bathing suit that fits because mine are all too big. Yes, that’s a good problem to have but bathing suit shopping is just not fun – even if I have lost almost 50 pounds.
  5. Intelligent Mail Barcodes. I need to set this up for the newsletters we mail at the Council on Aging and it’s like a foreign language. I’m really out of my element on this one.
  6. Running. Last week I talked to my trainer about how to increase my speed and the advice she gave me seems to be working and I’m excited about that.
  7. My mom. She died 15 years ago this Thursday.
  8. Snow. Seriously. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I will really like to not be thinking about snow anymore.
  9. Spring peepers. I haven’t heard them yet but I’m hoping I will very soon.
  10. Sushi. I need some.

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  1. 50 pounds! That’s fantastic! I am a little jealous. I need to get over my current donut obsession and get moving. I will be thinking of you and Barb on Thursday.

  2. I am so proud of you and your weight loss success…but you are a can do person so it is no surprise! And bathing suits…ugh. Start soon!

  3. Shopping for a suit is about the worst thing I can think to do. Haven’t been in years! You’ll look fabulous in a suit! Truly. I’m available for sushi anytime. Annie can make us a pair of green-lipped sliders!

  4. That’s a lot to think about, Carole! As usual, things will sort themselves out . . . even the bathing suit. (And. . . Mexico! So worth it.) Special thoughts heading your way on Thursday. As for the snow. I am SO OVER IT. (Make. it. Stop.)

  5. Wow, 50 lbs! You’re an inspiration to us all! Check out Landsend for bathing suits.

    Here in the city it’s not the snow that bothers me, it’s the slush at the corners.

  6. I bought my last suits online from Lands End and it turned out surprisingly well.

    I hope you will share when you decide on a replacement for Google Reader. I’m in the same boat as you and don’t know what to do yet.

  7. 50! That’s a nice round number, for a much less round you. ;^) May the swimsuit shopping be more enjoyable than anticipated.

  8. 15 years. Wow. Whenever I think of Barb, I smile. My head is spinning right now, and it’s all good.

  9. First off, congrats on the 50pounds gone … you keep me going! Secondly, {{{HUGS}}} … I wish I’d known your Mom, because she raised one terrific daughter <3 Thirdly, you think too much 😉 But seriously, sushi … I'm in!

  10. Woo hoo!! 50 pounds down girl? You rock!! Bathing suit shopping may not be as terrible as you think…

    I think my biggest issue with buying clothes as I’m losing weight is that I know I’m buying “temporary” apparel and don’t want to spend so much money on it.

    Integelligent Mail Barcodes? Ya got me stumped….

  11. I checked out feedly and didn’t care for it. Netvibes was ok, but I couldn’t figure out how to alphabetize my feeds which made me crazy. I am currently testing out the old reader to see how that works.

    Netvibes was interesting in that you could have twitter, feeds, and Facebook in one spot if you desire.

    Good luck with the bathing suits.

  12. So proud of you–50 lbs, and faster running! I’m with you waiting to see what everyone else tells me is a good Reader replacement! I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday. xxx

  13. Wow! Running faster is a great challenge to take on! Keep us posted on your progress. Speaking of progress, your weight loss is going so well. I love that, judging from the blog, you actually allow yourself some small breaks from “eating right”. Work it, girl!

  14. “even if I have lost almost 50 pounds.”

    Fantastic, Carole!!! So proud of you!!! I rejoined Weight Watchers online this weekend, and I’m already feeling better (inside and out).

  15. I am in awe of your weight loss. Fifty pounds is so impressive. I’m with you on waiting to get a consensus on the replacement for Google Reader.

  16. Bathing suits are evil. One would think being smaller would make it more pleasant, but that wasn’t my last experience. Sadly. It’s not fair! Best of luck to you on that quest! And Feedly is definitely beating Bloglovin’ for me.

  17. Way to go on 50#’s!! I agree with the above comments about Land’s End bathing suits.

    And sushi…mmmm.

    And I’m wishing it would snow in CA. There’s nothing in the mountains, which is going to make for a Summer of water rationing & drought conditions. Send some our way!

  18. Way to go on the weight loss! I am joining Weight Watchers online today…can’t seem to do it on my own. You are an inspiration to me. Bathing suit shopping isn’t any fun, but iot has to be so much better when you are 50 pounds lighter than it was before (I am a glass half full girl most of the time;) )

  19. Land’s End for sure. Order as many different styles as you can stand to try on and then return the ones you don’t want at Sears. No return shipping fees and the credit gets applied really fast. And be sure to watch for one of their free shipping promotions before you order, or call and ask for one if you are a repeat customer.

  20. Sending you a hug for the memory of your Mom. I lost mine 17 years ago last month. It’s just plain HARD…
    And now sending you a HUGE STANDING OVATION for your weightloss. When I finally went shopping for a swimsuit after I’d lost my 50, I was at the end of the season. I had so much fun, and ended up with TWO suits! At least than the price of one (75% off!), so I was very happy…I wish you a happy experience shopping for your suit.

  21. Intelligent bar codes. whew! so glad this wasn’t on my mind (too!) this is going to be a very interesting week, I’m sure!

  22. Fifty pounds is outstanding! Your sock is fun-spirited. I will send you the very best of vibes on Thursday. I need to clean my laundry porch. Did I pay the American Express bill – I don’t think I did. What’s for dinner tomorrow? Need to get to bed at a better time. Where are my headphones? Which daughter has them?? 😉

  23. congrats on the 50 lbs! I like Lands End swim suits. Order a bunch of sizes and styles, try them on at home and return the rest to your local Sears. They last forever too. I have some that are close to 10 years old.

    How are you increasing your speed? Are you doing intervals? I’ve been considering trying them. Would love to hear about it from you.

  24. Catching up on my blog reading today…

    First of all: Woohoo!!

    A whole new world opened for me when I walked into Tommy Bahama’s in Chicago and fell in love with a suit that I *knew* wouldn’t work for me, but I tried it on anyway because I loved the print. Because of my size, I would always gravitate toward dark “slimming” colors, but this one was white with a huge floral print. So fresh and SUMMERY! Lo and behold, it looked FANTASTIC (if I may say so)! One of the things I like was that there wasn’t this stark contrast between dark fabric and my northern-girl winter-pale skin!

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