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Play That Country Music

I used to listen to country music a lot back in the 90s. It’s a music genre I hadn’t been exposed to before but Dale introduced me to it and I found that I really liked it. Some of my favorites were George Strait, Alan Jackson, Hal Ketchum and Reba McEntire along with the more folk-y Kathy Mattea and Iris Dement. In recent years, though, I have gotten away from country music. Part of it was Dale’s constant complaining that what passes for country music just isn’t really country to him and part of it was a renewed interest in today’s pop music. Country music just sort of fell off my radar. And so, last week when my cousin Len texted me and said, “would you like to go see Tracy Lawrence with us at the Charlie Horse, ” I responded by saying, “who?”. Len replied, “ask Dale.” Of course I did and Dale said sure, he’s had some good hits and that will be fun. So last Thursday night I dusted off my cowboy boots and off we went. Jo-Ann joined us, too, and we had a fantastic time.

Because Len is a bigwig in his town and because his daughter is a function manager at the restaurant, we got a bit of the VIP treatment. First of all, we got to meet Tracy Lawrence before the show.

I may have never heard of him before but I was still star struck. Not only is he good looking, he’s friendly and funny, too.

He signed pictures for us and put his arms around the two of us like we were old friends and that was pretty cool.

Once the show got underway we were invited to stand in the VIP section by the side of the stage. Everyone else was crowded around and trying to get a good look at the band but we had our own private area and it was pretty fantastic. The music was great and I really enjoyed hearing him sing – he’s got a great voice and I especially liked Paint Me A Birmingham and Find Out Who Your Friends Are.

And now? I’m totally into country music again. So, ummm, Len, if Hal Ketchum is coming to the Charlie Horse you know who to call, right?

P.S. Y’all can quit bugging me for a photo of the haircut now, too. So there!


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  1. Not a country music fan, generally, but it’s always fun to Meet the Famous. And . . . VIP treatment? I’ll take that any day! And YOU, Carole . . . look MARVELOUS! New ‘do and everything else. XO

  2. I have no idea who you just met but you look fabulous! I’m always happy to see pictures of you as you’re my favorite celebrity! Love the new haircut.

  3. How exciting! I like Tracy Lawerence, he did the original version of Find Out Who Your Friends are with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. They play that one and Time Marches On all the time on the radio here, but it’s been awhile since he’s had anything new. So cool that you got to meet him!

  4. You, and your hair, look fantastic in that photo. I went to an Aggie school, so I definitely had a country phase. I confess, it isn’t my favorite genre, but I can enjoy a “All My Ex-es are in Texas” evening with the best of ’em. Glad you had such a fun time.

  5. I still think Tracy Lawrence was thinking, “WOW! I get to meet Dale, from Dale & the Duds!” hehehehehe

  6. Your history with country music made me laugh because it’s so similar to my own. It was the one music genre I loathed–then I went to work for a country music radio station–and fell in love. Even some of the old stuff appeals to me, i.e. “It wasn’t God who made honky tonk angels,” or Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, “You’re the reason our kids are ugly.”. Enough blathering, you rock the new do–looks great!

  7. Paint Me A Birmingham…one of my favorites and You Find Out Who Your Friends of Dan’s! Awesome Carole!

  8. LOVE Hal Ketchum. Saw him a long time ago in a fairly small venue in Topeka, KS. Have to dig out my CD’s and give them a listen!

  9. I’m sure you aren’t surprised to know I’m a country music girl. I bet you had a great time and I think Tracy Lawrence is pretty great!

  10. What a wonderful experience! And you both look so delighted. AND the hair says “Spring!” Sorry to be so late to the party.

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