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Thursdays Are For Knitting, Too

The socks I showed you yesterday are indeed finished but you’re going to have to wait until I get back from Mexico to see the glamour shots. And that’s because I have another finished hand knit to show you! Knitting on a knitting blog! Twice in one week! We haven’t seen that here at Carole Knits since the early days.


What’s a knitter to do when she gives away a lovely handspun handknit scarf? Why, make another one for herself, of course.

And so I did.

I have no idea what the handspun is but it’s very soft and the colors are bright and pretty.

It’s a chunkier yarn and it’s quite different from Margene’s but that’s just fine with me because the pattern is just as awesome.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if I knit another one of these scarves as they are kind of addicting.

Like potato chips except that I don’t eat potato chips anymore.

Good thing I still have my knitting.

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  1. A much more satisfying addiction than the potato chip! Just sayin. So lovely, Carole — such a fun pop of color.

  2. Happy, tropical color which will be perfect for a photo shoot in Mexico!! I’m so glad you made a handspun shawl for yourself and the color will be fun to wear.

  3. Beautiful shawlette Carole! And your post yesterday inspired me to finish up one sock and get #2 going – thank-you!

  4. That is some gorgeous hand spun. I love the colors. I may have to check out that pattern. I love little scarves like that.

  5. My gosh those colors are awesome! That scarf will look amazing with your coloring 🙂

  6. I love it! The color is so happy and the pattern looks great. I think that is definitely one for the queue.

  7. I wonder if anyone has ever tried making yarn out of potato fiber??? They seem to make yarn out of all kinds of surprising substances these days.

  8. I love that pattern. It is in my favorites on ravelry. It’s a great color for you.. have fun in Mexico wearing it

  9. Carole! What a wonderfully vibrant shawl. Just what is needed in this spring-ish time of the year. I am so glad you made one for yourself!!

  10. And too bad you can’t wear that gorgeous thing in Mexico. (Fear not, by the time you come back, we will have cold weather again, I’m sure.)

  11. I am totally going to rip off your idea and knit one of these scarves out of handspun! I really love natural colored fleeces, and I think this design is simple yet elegant and would look really nice in a plain-Jane natural colored yarn. I have a pile of handspun skeins, and it’s hard to find good patterns to knit them into. I bought a little Cricket loom, and have been having fun weaving scarves with handspun. I am surprised at how far a four ounce skein will go.

  12. Pretty! I thought it looked familiar – Blogless Marsha is knitting one in green. I think the name is funny since cedars don’t have leaves.

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