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Random on Thursday

It’s been a while since there’s been a random post around here and I’ve got a lot of disconnected things running through my head. So, here’s what’s on my mind . . .

  • For someone who loves knitting and has great reasons for doing it you would think I’d actually spend more time knitting and less time, well, playing Candy Crush. Seriously. I may be in need of an intervention.
  • The other thing I’m doing – when I’m not knitting or wasting my time with Candy Crush – is reading the first Outlander book. I’ve resisted these for years, not wanting to get caught up in the gazillion page saga but I finally succumbed and I have to admit it’s pretty good. Or, at least, I can see what the hype is all about.
  • I keep hearing about people who are chronically dehydrated. I truly enjoy drinking water and probably have no reason to fear that I have this syndrome and yet I’m feeling quite paranoid at the moment. I’ve upped my water intake considerably and that means I’m spending more time than ever running to the bathroom. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why my knitting production has slowed down so much? Nahhhh, I’m pretty sure it’s Candy Crush.
  • The other night we had  our monthly spinning group at the library. I chose some pretty fiber and packed up my wheel and was ready to settle in for a nice productive time. And then I realized I had packed a woolee winder flyer and a regular bobbin. Sigh.
  • I started a plank-a-day challenge for the month of May. Today I’m supposed to plank for a full minute and that’s not a big deal for me but tomorrow it jumps to a minute and a half and by the end of the month I’m supposed to plank for 5 whole minutes. That is a looooong time.
  • It’s May and that means it’s time for Macro May. I’m trying really hard to not take pictures of bugs and flowers this time. It’s a challenge, I tell ya. It will also probably mean that my photos will all be of food.
  • And finally, on the whole knitting thing, a sweater on size 3 needles? What the hell was I thinking?

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  1. So far, I have avoided the call of Candy Crush. I am, though, totally done in by Angry Birds Star Wars. . . And, yeah. A sweater on size 3 needles. There’s your problem!

  2. Now I know what you do all day….Candy Crush, knit, pee, repeat. 🙂
    Thank goodness I have not fallen for games, I’m already a slug, so to be hooked on games would just be the end of me. A sweater on size 3 needles is a bitch to knit, but you’re going to LOVE wearing it.

  3. I’ve only knit a few fine-gauge sweaters and it’s a slog, for sure, but YOU WILL LOVE the finished product!!

  4. Candy crush lured me in too…however I am on an impossible level right now and have not played it in weeks. Great cure as it was cutting into my knitting!

    I agree about fine gauge sweaters – I knit one out of fingering weight and vowed never to do that again. Then whenever I wear it I think I should make another.

  5. Wow, planking beyond 30 seconds sounds tough. I guess you can work up to it, right? For 5 minutes, though. Whoa.

  6. I keep getting invites to that darn game and I am afraid to even try it. The sweater I want to knit next is fingering weight. I still haven’t found the courage to cast it on.

  7. Hmmmm… dare one ask what planking is?
    and sweaters on size three needles really are divine. Hang in there. Once it’s finished you’ll understand why lots of insane knitters (includes self) do it. 🙂

  8. don’t look at the game hay day.

    5 minutes is a long time doing the same thing without stopping. i have problems with focus.

  9. LOVE these. Water = 1 oz/kg body weight/day. And yeah, you pee more often, that’s the point. 🙂

  10. Glad to see from the other comments that I’m not alone in not knowing what “planking” is. I hope it’s not exercise…I had to cut off access to that d**n game because I. Could. Not. Stop. My fingers have been itching to start a fine gauge sweater for a long time, but each time the little voice in my head says “Are you crazy???” So far, I’ve listened. But I’m weakening.

  11. I’m still avoiding Candy Crush but it’s easier to avoid when a certain toddler has decided to “share” your iPad.

    I’m with you on the crazy that is knitting a sweater of any sort on size 3 needles. Even a toddler one can be a chore.

  12. I love the random musings. It’s good to know I’m not alone. Outlander – fun stuff, though never did get through them all. PLANKING FOR A FULL MINUTE? Are you kidding me?? Well, if you can do that, knitting a sweater on size three is nothing. Geez girl, you rock!

  13. Hehe, Candy Crush……. has it become your preciousssss in a bad way? 😉 Come on over!

    Totally cracking up at Gale Zucker!

  14. Just think, by the time you read all seven book in the Outlander series the eight book might be out. Enjoy the ride. It gets crazy at some points!

  15. I love these random posts; they’re a great way to catch up. I always find out new things, like Candy Crush? haven’t even heard of it! (which is a very good thing – I can’t handle any more distractions right now!) and a sweater on size 3 needles is a real bargain in my pennies per hour of “enjoyment” calculation. happy weekend!

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