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This weekend was the first one in ages that did not include any obligations
And so we made the most of it
Friday was a much needed day to myself that included
a nice 2.5 mile run
sushi for lunch
sunning, knitting, reading on the deck
The evening brought music
homemade steak fajitas and tequila
and dancing in the kitchen
Saturday morning was relaxing
coffee and more coffee in my pjs
shopping for new pillows in the afternoon
and dinner with our cousins in the evening
Sunday was a perfectly lovely Mother’s Day
quiet time with Dale
and a brisk walk
a phone call from Brant in Florida
flowers from Hannah
and the sweetest card ever from Jessica
breakfast made just-for-me by Dale and Hannah
a ride to Plymouth for cocktails with friends
brought the day and the weekend to a lovely close

How was your weekend?

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  1. My only obligations were getting ready to make it through another work week…laundry, food shopping,etc. It seems never ending. BUT, spring is full bore into summer temperatures and we had a nice weekend of garden faire and patio time! yay

  2. So glad that you had a wonderful weekend 🙂 Seeing you happy makes me happy! I had a lovely weekend as well … went to the school concert to see K sing in the 4th grade chorus – cheered on the runners (including my son & his girlfriend) in the Big Lake Half Marathon on Saturday – breakfast in bed from Jake & the girls – sweet gift from the girls & flowers from Jake & Kayla – a call from Army boy to wish me a happy Mother’s Day – got the boat waxed & in the water, and then the inaugural ride on a gorgeous late afternoon ride w/ beer in hand & Buffett blaring on the boat radio 😀 Life is indeed good!

  3. After one night at the ballet, the next night at the Red Sox game and the third night at friends for dinner, I was very happy to do nothing yesterday and have breakfast made for me. Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Perfect, Carole! That sounds like a perfect weekend! (I had a great weekend, too. Just . . . one of those with lots of commitments. . . )

  5. You inspired me to do the plank a day challenge. Two minutes is a bit more than I can do right now but will get there! Getting to five minutes make take a little longer than the challenge says but I decided to extend the challenge until I can get to five minutes.

    Thanks for bringing it up!

  6. My weekend was full of hanging out with friends and taking long walks with the dog.

    I’m hoping that my upcoming weekend is as much fun as yours sounds!

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