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Ten On Tuesday

Since last Sunday was Mother’s Day I’ve been thinking a lot about moms. My mom, the kind of mom I want to be for Hannah and my stepkids, and the moms in my favorite TV shows. And so, this week for Ten on Tuesday I’m creating a list of my 10 Favorite TV Moms!

  1. Marion Cunningham from Happy Days. Of course she’s first, she was the best and didn’t we all want her to be our mom and cook us a pot roast?
  2. Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. Mostly I just wanted to wear long dresses and be married to Pa.
  3. Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch. This show is airing these days and Dale and I have really gotten a kick out of watching some of the old episodes. Carol Brady was the perfect 1970s mom and you had to love that flip hairdo!
  4. Lorelie Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. She was one amazing single mom.
  5. Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show. She had it all: the career, the kids, the doctor husband and that great brownstone in New York City.
  6. June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver. She was the quintessential 50s mom with her full skirts and pearl necklace.
  7. Nora Walker from Brothers and Sisters. Meddling but loving and what a strong matriarch she was.
  8. Miss Ellie Ewing from Dallas. Strong and loving but don’t cross her or her sons!
  9. Abby Bradford from Eight is Enough. She was a great stepmom, something I strive for myself.
  10. Olivia Walton. She was understanding and firm and held that whole family together.

I had a lot of fun writing this list and thinking about all of these awesome TV moms. Hope you all enjoy the topic and don’t forget to add a link to your post if you happened to write on. Sign up for Ten on Tuesday emails here.

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  1. My non-TV-watcher is showing today . . . as I don’t even know some of the Moms you listed — and some of them I had totally forgotten about altogether! Fun topic, Carole!

  2. I second Kym. I never grew up with a TV in our house, though have learned over the years who some of them are.

  3. I only know a couple of the moms and I’m chalking that up to “rainy day tv syndrome”. We only watched tv on rainy days. Otherwise we were running wild!

  4. Your list is perfect!! It is fun going back and thinking about
    those shows. Those were the days my friend!!

  5. I was hoping Lorelei would be on someone’s list! glad it’s yours. I think Carole Brady was also a great step mom. she was certainly the coolest one 🙂 fun list!

  6. Great list! I think I’d have to add Debra and Marie Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond, they are classic! Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls! And what about Maureen Robinson from Lost in Space 🙂

  7. Oh, Abby from Eight is Enough!!! I thought of that show but I didn’t include her because I forgot that she married Tom.

  8. Lois from Malcolm in the Middle is my idol. A real yet crazy mother.

  9. your list totally differnt from my list. i made my list up first before reading yours or any others so as to not cheat 😉

  10. After reading all the Little House, books, I realized that Caroline Ingalls put up with an awful lot!!! Oh, the Huxtables – I wished often that they could come and parent MY kids. I learned a lot about using humor and firmness in parenting from watching that show. Roseanne was pretty honest and real, too. And on current TV, I’m fond of the Mom from The Middle – her struggles make me laugh in recognition.

  11. I loved both Caroline and Oliva when I was a kid. In the movies I loved Little Women’s Mrs. March. What a nice, reflective topic!

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