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My Kingdom for a Peanut Butter Bar

What kind of an idiot posts a photo of a yummy peanut butter bar on a day when she’s on a clear liquid diet? Apparently, this idiot right here. You see, today I am going for a colonscopy and yesterday was all about getting ready for it. As everyone says, the prep is the worst part and even though a whole day without solid food isn’t as horrifying to me as it used to be, it’s still no picnic. (Did I really just make a food reference? Again? Sigh.) It definitely doesn’t help the lack-of-food situation when you get comments all day about how delicious those peanut butter bars look, causing you to constantly think about how you would looooove a peanut butter bar but you can’t have one. You can’t have anything, in fact, except for clear liquids and jello (but no red – boooooo) and broth. Why is it that the minute you can’t have something it’s all you can think about? Hmmmm?

You are probably thinking I’m young for this procedure, and I am by normal standards, but my mom died of colon cancer when she was 66 and therefore I have started having this particular day of fun earlier than most people. This is my second one so I’m not quite as scared as I was 6 years ago (yes, I was supposed to go last year and I didn’t. whatever) but I’m still scared that they will find something even if I’m not scared of the procedure itself.

Can I ask for good thoughts for a painless procedure and a positive outcome? Thanks, friends.

Oh yeah, almost forgot the photo for today.

Most decidedly not food.

The end.


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  1. Thoughts, prayers, and hugs headed your way! Kudos to you for being pro-active!

  2. Good thoughts for quick, easy and “unremarkable’! And maybe a peanut butter bar when you are done?

  3. I hope the colonoscopy went well. I have a similar history (parent with diagnosis of colon cancer) so had to start these a younger age too. I have had three now, and one benign polyp removed during the last one. Yep, it’s scary but it’s important to catch it early, if my heredity betrays me! Good health to you!

  4. Good for you, Carole. Prayers for a good outcome and loving vibes sent on your behalf. 🙂

  5. Thinking good thoughts for you. Funny post, though! Should have posted a photo of some food you despise. Actually that’d be a good photo challenge: , shoot something you’d never eat in a way to make it appealing…but not to you.
    ( now just remember that for 5 yrs from now)

  6. Here’s hoping you and your colon enjoy many more years together in good health! The thing I like about this test is that they can actually DO something immediately if they find something. The good news? Unlike after you feel ready for a colonscopy after a stomach bug? You can go back on your regular diet pretty much immediately and no unfortunate side effects.

  7. Very best of luck! I just took my husband in for the same scope on Monday, and I hope you have the same joy at the results for yours as we did for J’s. I know Dale will hover over you until you’re 100% again, and who knows, perhaps he will make those peanut butter bars for you as a first break-the-fast treat.

  8. Very happy results wishes aimed at you today. I am going to the kitchen to assay my first batch of peanut butter bars – maybe I’ll cut the recipe in half in order to feel less indulgent. And put in nuts. That will make them health bars.

  9. Glad you are staying on top of it. As unpleasant as the day before is once its over you can rest and knit!

  10. All that exercising that you have been doing will certainly help. Here’s hoping that all went well.

  11. Good luck today! that first bite of real food is soooo good when its over. you’re not alone – I get them every 5 years now, starting when I was 32 and can thank my dad for that. better safe… and at least they give you the good sedative. nothing beats a propophol nap 😉

  12. all good thoughts winging your way. i was never happier than when i heard my test result was “unremarkable”. xoxo

  13. My dad had colon cancer so I too get to do it every 5 years. The prep is the worst part. The nap during the procedure is the easy part. Hope your results are negative. And enjoy a wonderful meal after it is done!

  14. The painless procedure is almost a given, and you have all our love and positive thoughts for the outcome. It’s funny how deprived we feel after a single day of deprivation–I wouldn’t be much good in a disaster zone. Enjoy your nap and wake up well!

  15. Has anyone told you that the nasty liquid prep isn’t so bad if you get it icy cold? I sure hope you had an uneventful procedure, and all is, shall we say, behind you for now.

  16. Hope all is well, both today and future news…this sh#t is no fun but it beats the alternative. I have a lot of food limitations, basically if it tastes good I can’t have it; so instead I focus on gourmet yarns, and lately, thanks to my 18 year old, gourmet cosmetics. After she introduced me to Sephora I’m trying all kinds of stuff from BB cream (actually a great idea) and bamboo hair treatment (also good) to glow in the dark nail polish (no thanks) and fake eyelashes (really???). We have lots of fun experimenting. So maybe spend tonight looking at, or even better, (natural and some organic, most look and feel good enough to eat). And also jimmybeanswool for some yummy yarn, of course.

  17. Best of luck with the Colonscopy today. I started getting them in my 40’s and have had 2 already (plus the Endoscopy’s) and the first one was the worst.

  18. I’m betting you did great! I had one the year before last and I don’t think I will ever fret about them again. The prep really is the worst of it. Good for you for getting it done! <3

  19. Just read this. Hoping all went well today. Enjoy the weekend not that it is over!!

  20. Hoping all was well, before, during and after!! The entire thing makes me cranky to think about – like medical science cannot come up with a better prep? I think we all need the Star Trek version where they point a cellphone in your general direction and pronounce “All Clear”. (Hot spot topic for me given the yearly schedule I’m on……)

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