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Ten On Tuesday

While I had a wonderful time on vacation, two weeks is a long time to be away from home. When I got home I missed the beach and riding my bike and sleeping late but I was also glad to be back among my own things. In an effort to focus on the positive and just get over missing vacation stuff, I came up with today’s Ten on Tuesday topic: 10 Things You Miss About Your Own House When You Go Away.

  1. Wifi. Hands down, this is what I miss the most.
  2. My own bathroom. Now granted, the house we rent has 2 full baths and we only have 1 at home but still – ours is nicer.
  3. Our big ass flat screen TV. The TV at the beach house is small. We don’t watch it that much but we did watch 2 pre-season football games while we were there and I could barely see the ball.
  4. My own bed covered with my own quilts. Again, there is just something better about sleeping in your own bed.
  5. My Couch. I have my own little corner of the couch with my laptop and my knitting, the remote and hand cream and everything else I need within reach. It’s perfect.
  6. My garden. All those zinnias from the photo mosaic yesterday looked great when I got home and I was so happy to see them.
  7. The water cooler. Instant cold and hot water!
  8. The ice maker. We drink – ahem – a lot of cocktails when we are on vacation and that equals a lot of ice to make. Jessica is really good about staying on top of this when she is with us but for week 2 I was on my own and had to remember to keep filling those ice cube trays.
  9. Cooking with gas. The stove at the beach house is electric. So inferior compare to cooking with gas!
  10. Wall to wall carpeting. The beach house has lovely hard wood floors – however – they constantly need to be swept because of all the dog hair. And Dixie’s nails on those hard wood floors are loud, my friends. Coming home equals instant quiet when it comes to the dog moving around!

I’m probably more of a home body than I’m willing to admit. It’s nice to go away but it’s very nice to come home! Are you playing along this week? Be sure and click the link to add your post. And if you want to receive an email with the Ten On Tuesday topic every Monday, click here to sign up.

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  1. it is weird what we miss, isn’t it? I’m right there with you on the wifi, but the only place I ever go that doesn’t have it is my parents’ house.

  2. I miss cooking with gas, too. But I even miss it when I’m at home. (Because our “new” house – which we’ve been in for 10 years now! – has electric.)

    Home is a place of comfort — especially after a little adventure!

  3. We don’t usually take our dogs on vacation anymore since they seem to be true homebodies and love their caretaker. I miss them terribly when we’re gone. And as you said so eloquently, the little things–my Ekornes chair, etc.

  4. One’s own bed, yes. Although our hotel in Camden had the finest linens I’ve ever slept on, better even than the old Ritz in Boston. And nowhere, NOWHERE, beats the water pressure and volume in our own shower.

  5. I forgot about my gas stove!! Don’t you wonder how we ever watched football on old TVs? Oh, never mind, I don’t think you were a fan then! 😉

  6. One week is about my limit any more, but originally it was 10 days away. It’s the little things, what we have around us daily, that matter most, in the all of it. Great topic!

  7. Electric stoves are just awful. I can put up with a lot in a cottage but it is harder to cook without gas. And I love your zinnia photos from yesterday — I just bought some at the farmer’s market.

  8. I mis my stash and my books. If I’m gone long enough I get tired of the clothes I brought and look forward to changing into the ones I left at home.

  9. I just was away for four weeks. Granted it is our own vacation home, so it is different than staying somewhere new, but after four weeks I was ready. Problem was that when I got home my Mom was very ill and hospitalized in Florida and I had two nights in my own bed before flying down there. It ended up being two weeks by the time we got her on the mend and I just got home Sunday night. Fortunately she has recovered very well. All told, I was home two days out of over six weeks. It felt so good to be home, although it was a royal mess because my son and his wife have been living with us and are closing on a house tomorrow so they have packed everything up and it is all in my living and dining room. I am going to be happy to see all their stuff and their animals leave, although I am sure that I will miss them.

  10. We just got back last night and sometimes I really wonder why I leave. Heh. What did I miss? Wifi. OMG! So so much. And my bed and all of the pillows. My spot on the couch. Vegetables. We ate out every day and it got old fast. TV . We didn’t watch any. Not having to accommodate everyone else’s schedule and rules (staying with my dad means that we try and fit in his world. Not the other way around). Did I mention wifi?

  11. I miss time alone. I love my family and being together, but I need a little time to myself to recharge. Your window picture reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth. So lovely.

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