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Candy Corn Socks

As I told you yesterday, I finished a pair of socks over the weekend. That is no small feat these days as my sock knitting has been rather, errrrr, slow this year.

candy corn socks for carole knits

There’s nothing like a looming deadline (hello Halloween!) and a few gentle reminders from a friend who happens to lurve Halloween to inspire a race to the finish line, though.

candy corn sock heels for carole knits

And so, I have new Halloween socks for my friend, Anne.

candy corn sock feet for carole knits

The yarn is Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn, and the color is called, not surprisingly, Candy Corn.

candy corn sock legs for carole knits

Of course I had to pick up a bag of candy corn for the glamour shots. Would ya just look at those fabulous stripes? Perfectly matched and not because I did anything special but because Julia is a-freakin-mazing at dyeing striped yarn.

candy corn sock toes for carole knits

Normally a pair of socks this pretty would be mighty hard to give away but for a friend like Anne? It’s a piece of cake. Or maybe I should say, it’s a piece of candy corn.


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  1. Cute photo; brava! Which reminds me – I’ve got Halloween Ghost sock yarn to knit up! Can I do it before Halloween? Unlikely.

  2. Ummmm…I don’t dare buy candy corn because I love to munch it with peanuts. i assume these beautiful socks are low cal!

  3. Those cute socks make me want the yarn…..maybe for next year, now. And, I have your pattern, haven’t made them yet, and don’t remember – (I’ll have to hit my pattern stash to find it) – are the heels like these? Love the heels! Love the socks. Thanks for making us drool 😉

  4. Fabulously done and with time to spare! And the photo shoot is pretty awesome as well. You never cease to amaze, Miss Carole!

  5. LOVE these!!! Candy corn is one of my addictions. Not even one bite for me this fall or I will fall down the candy corn hole. 🙂

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