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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: November Socks

I finished a pair of socks on Monday. My first thought was – great! – I can take pictures and get a blog post ready in time for Wednesday. It’s good to actually talk about knitting now and again on a blog with the word “knits” in the title, I think.

And then my second thought was – boring! – another pair of picot edge stockinette socks. Like you all haven’t seen that a gazillion times right here. Nevertheless, I pulled out the camera yesterday and I staged them in the freshly fallen snow, trying to get some photos that didn’t look like every-other-photo of a finished pair of socks.

I basically failed at getting anything unique.

november socks for carole knits

This here’s the “whole sock” photo.

november sock foot for carole knits

And then there’s the “toe” photo.

november sock picot edge for carole knits

The “picot edge” photo.

november sock with snow for carole knits

And, finally, the “artistic” one. Nothing new at all.


As I was processing the photos, adjusting the contrast and adding a warming filter and all that jazz, I was struck by all of those tiny stitches. They line up perfectly and there are just so many of them and even after all this time I sort of can’t believe that I can take sticks and string and make something so pretty.

I guess a finished pair of socks isn’t boring after all.

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  1. Those socks are lovely! Color of this pair speaks November, and picot edge lifts them to the extraordinary category. We sock knitters never tire of seeing hand knit socks! Keep posting them, please!

  2. Socks are never boring. I too love all of those lined up stitches and how the colors play out. What’s the yarn and colorway? Looks like Judy’s sock yarn in Kale? I think I may have a skein in my stash somewhere. Beautiful colors!

  3. Your socks are a work of art. Each pair with its perfectly formed tiny stitches and the fun and amusing blend of colors is a joy to see. Thank you for doing so!!

  4. Since I’ve got a pair of handspun handknit socks in progress in my lap right now, I can attest to the never-ending enjoyment of sock knitting. Lovely socks, and I’m envying you the snow.

  5. Just lovely and never boring. And as you’ve said – really pretty amazing! Maybe I’ll finish my 1-3/4 done pair over the holidaze!

  6. In one of her books, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee estimated that the average sock contains about 17,000 stitches. Multiply by two and you’ve knit 34,000 stitches! That’s not boring; that’s nothing short of amazing and your lovely photos prove it!

  7. Not boring at all. And yours is my favorite sock pattern. Just think – all around the universe, people have socks on their feet and ankles with that picot edge, thanks to your posts. That’s really something!

  8. I was knitting on socks last night and thought the same thing. All those tiny stitches just lined up like solders. And all of them together make socks. Aren’t we smart?!? 😀

  9. You should take some kind of informal poll asking how many people are knitting similar socks while they read your blog. (I’m on a hat and mitten jag right now.) And your latest pair is lovely—please give us details on the yarn.

  10. Those socks are not boring at all. And all of the pics are artistic. I’ll show you mine someday (minus the tops, toes and heads). You didn’t mention the yarn though, it’s really pretty and available??

  11. here’s to our craft! ….and to gorgeous yarns and patterns to turn that string into something of beauty! (I love that colorway, btw and your picot edge sock is one of my faves!)

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