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Thanksgiving Planning

happy thanksgiving for carole knits

On Friday I found out that we will not be going to our friends the Nelson’s for Thanksgiving this year. An unusual set of circumstances led to this and I’m perfectly okay with it and I’m happy for my friends that they will be doing something different.


I had not even considered hosting Thanksgiving and suddenly here I am.

Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in about 12 years, if I recall correctly.

The first order of business was guests. Luckily I have a family that doesn’t plan very far in advance and I reached out to a couple of them right away. We will be 6 or possibly 9 or maybe even 10 for dinner. That’s good because a turkey and all those side dishes for Dale and Hannah and I would be just pathetic.

The second order of business was roasting turkey wings for the gravy. I love making gravy in advance. It takes the pressure off when the bird comes out of the oven on the big day and I honestly thing it’s better gravy when done this way. I use this recipe for making the stock but then I follow this one to actually make the gravy.

Finally, I made all the pie crusts this weekend. Eight total – two for the apple, two for the mincemeat, one for the pumpkin, one for the cranberry pecan and one for the chocolate cream. I would have done this anyway since pies are always my responsibility on Thanksgiving. They are now in the freezer and this makes pie prep so much easier.

And then – you know how it is when you are suddenly anticipating company? I took a look around our house. I was very grateful that I had done an unusual amount of decorating for Thanksgiving this year – definitely more than I usually do with pumpkins and gourds and signs and stuff. I had even purchased some lovely wine glasses at Pier 1 Imports last week that are perfect for Thanksgiving – which is weird and as I was buying them I was thinking it was dumb because we don’t have this holiday at our house.


Even with all that decorating and holiday stemware, I decided we needed some sprucing up. Off we went to Jordan’s Furniture and we wound up purchasing a new side board for the dining room and a leather ottoman for extra seating in the living room.

This holiday hosting business is not for the faint of heart. Or the thin of wallet.


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  1. IMO, the most important thing to serve, even for Thanksgiving, is a warm welcome and a not too stressed host/ess. Everything flows from that, and no amount of Martha Stewart perfection can make up for it. I think your guests will have a very good time.

  2. Have you read that first link for the gravy!! It says 3/4 cup of something or a few sprigs of fresh!!! Someone’s keep this recipe a secret!! LOL

  3. Can’t wait to see the new furniture, and those glasses are really pretty! I know that your guests will be the luckiest on Thanksgiving, because you truly know how to host 🙂

  4. No worries – you totally got this. You are great at hosting parties. Thanksgiving will be a piece of cake, or pie as it would be.

    And you got some lovely new furniture out of the deal. Win-win!!!

  5. Sounds like fun! We host 10-15 on Christmas in our Teeny Tiny apartment. We’re squished, but we’re family!


  6. Ssssh…don’t tell. For years my sister has made gravy from her “gourmet” recipe….lots of mushrooms and laced with sherry. And it just doesn’t taste like Thanksgiving! Thanks for the make-ahead recipe–it sounds delicious!

  7. We’re actually having “Thanksgiving” a few times this year — the first is today, and none of them are actually on Thanksgiving! I am hosting one celebration, contributing to all! Yay! New furniture!!

  8. I am an only child and my parents and I aren’t tight with our extended family, so it will just be the three of us. Unless my mom changes her mind, we are going to have pizza and pumpkin pie—no muss, no fuss.

  9. We’re hosting, too. Just family, so there’s not much pressure and my husband does the turkey and a lot of the rest of the meal, but it’s going to be a gluten-free feast for the first time, so that’s going to be a challenge. And expensive!

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