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Ten On Tuesday

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and that means there is only one possible topic for Ten on Tuesday: Ten Things I Am Thankful For. I tried to go for some new stuff this year but the truth is, it’s a lot of repeats. You know what, though? When it comes to being thankful I don’t mind saying the same things every year because I have so much and I am so blessed.

thanksgiving mantel for carole knits

  1. Family. Dale and the kids and the extended family like my brothers-in-law and their wives and my cousin Len and his wife and kids. I have a family and it’s just what I always wanted.
  2. Marriage. It’s not always easy and it’s sure not perfect but I have a marriage that brings me great joy and contentment. I have a husband who loves to have fun with me. He is my rock and he makes my world an infinitely better place just by his presence. He is, quite literally, my dream come true.
  3. Education. I hear a lot these days about the cost of a college education and it makes me extremely grateful for not only my Bachelor’s Degree but my Master’s Degree as well. I had some debt for a while there but it wasn’t much by today’s standards and I’m grateful for this education since it truly shaped the person I have become.
  4. Food. Every day I see people who don’t have enough to eat. It’s a sad state of affairs that the richest country in the world is full of people who are going hungry. I have plenty, allowing me to eat even more than I should, and I’m grateful for the abundance of good food in my world.
  5. Technology. I have a laptop and an iPhone and an iPad. I have access to WiFi and I have flat screen TVs and a blog and a digital camera and all of the comforts of a first world nation. I go crazy without it (which is probably not good) and I love it all.
  6. Health. I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago and the results were normal. I had a colonoscopy last summer and the results of that were normal, too. I have lost weight and lowered my cholesterol. It’s been hard work but I’m grateful that my body has adapted and changed and gotten stronger.
  7. A house. This house I live in isn’t one I chose, it came with Dale. But I have grown to love it and I have made it a home and it’s where I put my feet up, where I gather our friends and family together, where I nurture my soul and love my pets and keep my stuff and spend as much time as I can.
  8. Transportation. I have a brand new car, my husband has a mostly new car and we have a spare, too. I can afford to buy gas and I have the luxury of going where I want, whenever I want.
  9. Friends. I have an incredible group of friends. There are women I wouldn’t want to live my life without – I’m looking at you Jo-Ann and Anne and Sharon and Lois and Doreen and Chrissie. I have a best guy friend who I can talk to about anything. Hi, Tom! I have friends from high school and college, friends at work, friends from my church, family members that are friends, blog readers and knitters and spinners and so much more. I could call on any one of them right now and they would drop everything if I asked. Talk about being blessed!
  10. Kiwanis. We work hard but we play hard, too. And there is nothing better than handing a check to someone and knowing that you are making a difference. I am so lucky to be the President of this club!

There is something so humbling about remembering and being thankful for all that I have. I am going to love reading everyone’s lists today. Make sure you add your link by clicking the button at the end of this post. And if you want to receive the Ten on Tuesday email, click here to sign up.

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  1. I loved reading your list and the time I spent preparing my own. It’s an excellent reminder of how truly blessed I am. I may need to keep making “Things I’m Thankful For” lists because I have so many more!

  2. We are so fortunate. Just to sit in my bed, typing into my computer and in a click, you will be reading it. I am grateful for you and your friendship, your joy and love of life. My world would be very different without you, dear friend.

  3. Great list and well said. Number 6 is the best – next to family!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Reading this was nournishment for the soul–it was so much more than a list. Thank you for mentioning cyber friends…and knitting.

  5. really enjoying everyone’s lists today – great topic, and thank you! we are blessed in so many ways and it’s heartwarming to see what we share and where we’re different. I hope to learn more about Kiwanis from you this year because it’s new to me. (and you know I’ll share anything – and everything! – about running with you!)

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