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Thanksgiving 1993

Thanks for all of your kind comments on Monday regarding Hannah’s first Thanksgiving. Those of you who said that she must have forgiven me long ago are correct — she mostly doesn’t hold it against me. Every once in a while, though, she brings it up as leverage. Heh.

I can happily tell you that I managed to keep her alive and unharmed for the rest of that year and here she is on her second Thanksgiving.

hannah thanksgiving 1993 for carole knits

Oh, that face! It kills me every time. Her hair is longer but you’ll notice there is still no bow. And those chubby hands – I’d love to go back and hold them again. The dress this year was a jumper in blue and green plaid and it had that little white blouse with the round collar and puffy sleeves. So flippin’ cute.

hannah eating turkey thanksgiving 1993 for carole knits

My mom was so excited about giving Hannah her first drumstick – she talked about it for weeks before the holiday. And I recall that Hannah liked it although she does look a little puzzled in this photo. Thinking back on it, she enjoyed the squash and mashed potatoes immensely and I think this is probably the only time she willingly ate dark meat.

While you’re all enjoying these photos of Thanksgiving Past, I’ll be in the kitchen making pie. Apple, mincemeat, pumpkin, chocolate cream and cranberry pecan . . . coming right up!


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  1. The puzzlement? Perhaps it was the texture of the turkey skin as she was trying to bite into it. Cute photo!

  2. Sometimes it seems to me that chubby babies turn into slim adults, and skinny babies turn into plump adults – it’s that way in my family, anyway!
    Eat, drink and be merry on this Thanksgivukkah.

  3. Hummm…if Mary K is right, I must have been a skinny baby. It sounds like you had so much fun dressing Hannah…does she still let you choose her clothes (just kidding). Thanks for sharing these sweet Thanksgiving memories.

  4. There is no photo in which Miss Hannah doesn’t look utterly adorable! Happy Thanksgivvakuh to you yours, my friend <3

  5. Oh my gosh she was so darn cute!!! I love looking through old photos. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!

  6. Making pies here as well. The house smells lovely. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hannah is just too cute!

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