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Thanksgiving 2013 in Pictures

pumpkin pie unbaked for carole knits

into the oven for carole knits

nut dish for carole knits

nuts and dates for carole knits

thanksgiving centerpiece for carole knits

thanksgiving sideboard for carole knits

thankgiving place setting for carole knits

thanksgiving dinner table for carole knits

pheasant feathers for carole knits

mincemeat pie for carole knits

pies for carole knits

Despite the lack of photographic evidence, I can assure you that there were 7 of us for dinner, plus another 4 for dessert. It was a wonderful day.

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  1. I love your table centerpiece. So pretty and creative. I look forward to see your photos.

  2. Look at all those pies! Yum. 🙂
    My mom had one of those tree stump nut bowls. The bowl is long gone but I still have the nut picks and cracker.

  3. Your table looked lovely. Those pies must have been delicious! The little leaves on the edge of the pumpkin pie are perfect.

  4. Breathtaking. Your pies afe totally gorgeous as is your table. This slacker did try a new pie recipe–salted caramel pumpkin from Paula Deen. Delicious. Again, your multiple talents shone through so beautifully in your photos of Thanksgiving!

  5. Since moving to Canada long ago I find myself working on US Thanksgivings. We usually save part of our Canadian T-Day turkey for our second celebration, but this year we had lobster. It cooks more quickly 😉 But that turkey, although uncooked, looks fantastic.

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