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An Early Christmas Gift

A few weeks ago my bestie Jo-Ann texted me and asked if I had any plans for Monday, December 9th. I said nooooooo. And then I said what’s up? And she said, “I’m giving you your Christmas present that night. It’s a surprise.”

Now. That sounds very nice, doesn’t it? Thoughtful, even. There’s just one thing.

I don’t like surprises.

I worry and I stress and well, I just don’t like surprises.

But, this is Jo-Ann and she knows me pretty well and I figured it wouldn’t be something I’d hate. So on Monday morning I asked her what I should wear and if I should bring my camera. (I also tried several times to get her to ‘fess up about where we were headed but she was a vault.) She picked me up at 5 and finally told me we were headed to the Hingham Beer Works.

christmas ale for carole knits

Beer is a great start to any adventure, even I will admit that. Especially when it’s this delicious Christmas Ale.

butternut squash stacks for carole knits

And so are delicious appetizers – which is what we decided to order instead of entrees. There were those butternut squash stacks – squash, figs, mozzarella cheese and red peppers with pomegranate sauce.

pretzel bites for carole knits

We also had these fabulous pretzel dough bites with cheese fondue.

cheeseburger sliders for carole knits

And cheeseburger sliders. Yeah, we weren’t really worried about carbs and calories. It’s Christmas, right?

Of course, when we got there I realized the true reason for the location. She  had dragged me to Paint Nite.

Seriously? Paint Nite? Seriously! Paint Nite!

She has been bugging me to do this with her for a while now and I kept saying no. I have no artistic talent. I can’t draw a straight line much less a circle. I had lots of excuses and that little brat dear friend knew the only way to get me to do this was to give it to me as my Christmas present.

boston skyline paintings for carole knits

Truth be told – it wasn’t that bad. It might have even been fun.

Because, as we always say, Jo-Ann and I could have fun in a paper bag. Throw in some beer and some paint and it’s pretty damn good. I might even kind of want to go again.

carole and joann paint nite for carole knits

Even if I still can’t draw a straight line.

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  1. Out of the comfort zone, but what fun! One of my friends wants to do something similar. Maybe I’ll try it even though I can’t draw a line.

  2. I tell myself it’s good to try new things and you did a great job. Who needs to draw straight lines when you can paint fireworks!?!

  3. There is a little café by my house that hosts paint nights. I’m not sure how drunked up the ladies in my knitting group would have to be to play along, but I would love to go. Your picture looks great—where are you going to hang it?

  4. EVERYthing about that evening looks delightful (even the photos! any tips to share?) and I’m so glad you shared it with us!

  5. I just went to a paint night at a place called Canvas and Cabernet. So much fun (champagne and painting with preschool moms is a pretty good combination) Of course, the goofy painting of the profiled little girl in front of a harvest moon is probably best hung in the garage, or given to a white elephant exchange, but I’m up for a repeat performance as well.

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