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Christmas Card 2013

I failed to mention on Friday that I am on vacation from work until January 6th. I am incredibly happy about this already and know I will be happier still when Christmas has come and gone and there’s nothing on my to-do list but knitting and relaxing. Not that I want Christmas to come and go quickly but, well, you all know what I mean.

In any case, blogging may be sporadic this week what with the entertaining and the merrymaking and all. In the meantime, this picture of Dale and I from our 2013 Christmas card should keep you in the holiday spirit.

christmas card 2013 for carole knits

God Jul, indeed.

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  1. Best Christmas card ever!!! We received yours the same day one came from “the bishop”. His was double printed so it was too blurry to read. I burst out laughing as the cards went from the ridiculous to the sublime!

  2. Perfect! Merry Christmas to You and to Dale. May it be merry, merry! And I’m with you on the time to sit and knit…it’s almost here!

  3. Charming picture! I love the way that red shawl looks with your hair and your black coat- really nice for you! I hope you enjoy all of your vacation time and I look forward to your lovely pictures. You guys are looking so healthy. Merry Christmas to you all!!

  4. Great picture! Happy holidays (most of my coworkers are off, but I came back this week for the easiest possible first week back from maternity leave).

  5. Hope you had an excellent Christmas. Also, just so you know, I took inspiration from an earlier blog entry and made Swedish meatballs for some annual Christmas eve visitors. The meatballs were a big hit. Next year, I’m doubling the recipe.

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