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Ten On Tuesday

Now that it’s 2014 it seems like talking about 2013 is just so last year. And yet, I’m going to do it anyway. Why? Because looking at all of those photos from the year made me think and reflect on all the fun and awesome things I got to do. It just seems to me like a highlight of the year is in order and therefore, this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Favorite Moments from 2013.

best moments of 2013

  1. Mexico. You all knew this would be first, right? It was a fantastic week, truly perfect in every way.
  2. My Installation as President of Kiwanis. This was certainly the biggest “event” of my year and a lot of planning and work went into the evening. I loved having so many of my family, friends and fellow Kiwanians together in one place on my birthday.
  3. Hannah’s 21st Birthday. My baby is a legal adult. Hoorah.
  4. Every little moment with Dale. Playing cards, dancing in the kitchen, singing along to our favorite songs, laughing, talking . . . all of it.
  5. Entertaining in our home – from dinner parties to football games, our big Halloween bash and impromptu gatherings, I love having our friends and family in our home.
  6. Summer vacation. The first week with the kids was terrific and the second week with just Dale was restorative and perfectly lovely.
  7. Running on the battlefield in Gettysburg. Our trip there was awesome in general but I had this amazing moment when I went for a run on the battlefield. I was listening to the Gettysburg movie soundtrack and I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the spot and the majesty of the music and the ability of this body to actually run.
  8. Jimmy Buffett. My friend Jo-Ann calls it “Christmas for Drunks” and she’s got a point. It’s no wonder it’s my favorite day of the year.
  9. Mini getaways: West Island, Freeport, Plymouth, I loved them all.
  10. Christmas Break. Lots of time with Dale, lots of pajama days, lots of relaxing and hanging out at home. Coming off of this one and getting back to work was rough, my friends.

I really had some good times in 2013 and I hope you all did, too. If you wrote a post about them please remember to add your link below. And if you want to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email then please click here to subscribe.

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  1. Yay for a fun 2013! I hope 2014 brings you just as many, if not more, happy moments.

    Christmas for drunks? I love it!

  2. Your regular blogging and increasingly beautiful photos are high points of my DAY, let alone year. So many other bloggers have petered out or just plain quit – so, thanks!

  3. What great moments in your 2013! May these highs be stepping stones to even more in 2014!

    This “ten” was a great way for me to catch up on several 2013 moments almost twitter-style on the blog.

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