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One Little Word 2014

I’ve been thinking a bit about this whole one little word thing. Truthfully, I thought about it way back when Mary first started blogging about it. And I thought about it some more when Kym starting blogging about it. And then, in the last week or so, lots of my Facebook newsfeed was taken up by friends announcing what their word for 2014 was going to be. So, lemming that I am, I thought about it some more.

There were several words I that considered and eventually discarded for various reasons. And yesterday I decided I wasn’t going to do it. I decided that one word for a whole year was ridiculous. A year should include millions of words that are about millions of things. After I made that decision I started writing this blog post in my head.

Shut up. If you are a blogger then you write blog posts in your head.


I had this whole post going in my head about how I wasn’t jumping on this bandwagon and it was too trendy and I was just going to live my life in 2014 and go with the flow.

And then I saw a sign right up the street from my office.

And that sign said JOY!

And I realized, that’s my word for 2014.


In all caps and with an exclamation point.



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  1. LOL! that is EXACTLY how one little word sneaks up on you! I look forward to seeing how it manifests itself in your life. I know it will be lovely. because it’s JOY!

  2. Good choice! Mine this year is GRACE – as in I will strive for grace over perfection.

    Good luck with your word – may you have a year that reflects it!

  3. Of course a librarian would want lots of words instead of one. Aren’t lots of words what make your/our world richer?

    Still, hope your 2014 is filled with joy.

  4. You couldn’t have picked a better word! You have joy in your life on a constant basis and you’ll have fun expressing your love and joy of life!

  5. Joy! What an inspiring and enduring word. A word with enough traction for a year, if notma decade.

    P.S. if you are a lemming,I am the biggest lemming. I set monthly knitting goals and wrote intentions for 2014 thanks to someone named Carole. Thanks to Woolen Rabbit and Kym I have a word,for,the coming year (Now). Margene’s lovely shawl is in my knitting queue! Have a joyous,day!

  6. That is a great word. Mine right now would have to be Grandma. My son and daughter-in-law announced that they are expecting a baby in August and all I can hear in my head is Grandma! And in all candor, it can be great…because I am so happy about this… and it can be frightening, because I am feeling my age, especially right before a “big” birthday. Now, on to the knitting!

  7. Joy is a word that I have in the front of every journal I have and the focus of so many meditations. I love the word. Joy in the face of…. well everything. There is still joy to be found.

    My word? I never share these things, for whatever reason, but you might imagine that ‘girl’ or ‘baby’ or ‘Mum-Mum’ or ‘Grandpa’ or ‘Grand-baby’ or PINK!!! 😉

  8. The one little word thing definitely sneaks up on you — and now, well I can’t quite imagine a year without a word! My word this year is POSSIBILITY.

  9. I totally write blog posts in my head–trying to put them into Evernote so I have a record and can then confirm I posted them, LOL.

    My word this year is ‘AWESOME.’

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