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Eye Candy Friday

christmas ornaments for carole knits

Christmas has pretty much been put away at my house. The tree was down weeks ago, the lights are out of the windows, the cards are packed away. I still have some greens and twinkle lights around some doorways but other than that – it’s done. Except for this cranberry crate of my mom’s vintage ornaments. It’s still out and it’s just so pretty I haven’t packed it away yet.

It’s not at all because I’m lazy, I swear.


Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. They must be so pretty to look at and bring great memories and smiles to you daily. I’d keep ’em out too. Happy Friday my friend, enjoy!

  2. I’ve got a nativity that really needs to get put away but my Christmas village will be on top of the piano for awhile yet…
    Happy Weekend!!

  3. I still have some stray decorations that really need to be put away too. This should be a relatively quiet weekend so I’m hoping to get that done. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. So pretty Carole and why put them away? I love them and
    the box? Oh, so nice to have a treasure like that!! 🙂

  5. I KNOW you’re not lazy. I just put my lights away as the reminded me of December. My head is already in February so I’m ready for some REAL light! Bring on spring!

  6. Christmas is not something to just turn off and on? I still have my cross stitched, colorful whimsical Santas hanging up. My in-laws drove me crazy when we visited–the tree went down the day after Christmas. The local radio station that plays Christmas music non- stop, then quits entirely December 26 drives me nuts! Your vintage ornaments are too pretty to be hidden away for eleven months!

  7. Those are so pretty! And with the memories that they must bring you, I would want to keep them out too. I loved your brooch Christmas tree, too. I would have a hard time putting that away.

  8. I keep a little table in the one corner in my family room. At Xmas, that gets moved out – and the tree goes there. When I take the tree down, I string a strand of colored lights around that table – and leave them on all year long! I used to just leave them there until March. Now they stay up until it is time to move the table out and put the tree up again!

    Linda in VA

  9. We still have some twinkling white lights to give life to the dining room during this gloomy winter and I decided to leave the festive balls and wreath on my dining room chandelier, although I will need to replace the greens for something else, but I think I will keep the happy glittery balls to make me smile through this cold and dreary winter.

  10. Me too (re pretty ornaments.) Our window candles in the dining/living room stay on all year. As we drive around Rockport, we have discovered that more and more people are leaving their “fairy” lights (as they call them in England, and we like that term) on their trees and bushes lighted year round.

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