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Eye Candy Friday

snowy sunrise for carole knits

I’ll say one thing for that snow storm we had on Monday – it was a pretty one. And the one we had on Wednesday got me a day off from work. Maybe this winter thing isn’t so bad after all? Nah. It’s bad and I’m ready for spring.

I’m also ready for the weekend. Hope yours is a good one!

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  1. If nothing else, it really was pretty seeing all the trees covered in snow. You have to find the positive! Have a fun weekend:-)

  2. We’re still waiting for snow. Lucky you to have so many snow days off work! Winter storms create the most beautiful landscapes, but we are all ready for spring.

  3. It’s beautiful…if you have a fire, something hot to drink, and something beautiful to knit…plus a snow day! Denver Public Schools used to be really stingy with them! There are many horror stories like the day we parked in the upsloping faculty lot and our cars slid down to meet us! Ahhh, the good old days! Have a great.weekend.

  4. Ha!
    We have a nice dusting of snow here is Seattle, which as always has completely stopped everything. It is beautiful, and for us it will be gone very soon, and rain to follow.

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