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Won’t You Be My Valentine?


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Hooray! I know that for some people this is not a day to celebrate and I understand. However, I grew up with a mom who celebrated every holiday and Valentine’s Day was one of her favorites. She decorated the house with red paper hearts. She bought and sent lots of cards.  She sang “Won’t You Be My Valentine” and she asked everyone she loved to be her Valentine – not just my dad. We even got presents for Valentine’s Day. And I don’t mean candy I mean presents – usually pajamas and a book or two for my brothers and I, my dad always got a new tie, and we all got our own heart shaped box of chocolates, too. My mom always cooked a special dinner for all of us and we celebrated L-O-V-E as a family. Sure, she and my dad did their own thing, too, but there was always a family component to the day. It was something we all looked forward to as a way to break up the mid-winter blahs.

My particular take on the holiday has been slightly different and over the years I have wondered if I have lived up to my mom’s legacy when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I do ask everyone I love to be my Valentine and I do decorate the house for the holiday. I don’t buy presents, but I do always get Hannah a box of chocolates. And I have always emphasized that this is a day about the people you love, whether it’s love for a friend, a child, a brother or sister, a husband or a partner, it’s just about L-O-V-E. But you know, as most parents do, I wondered if my philosophy about this day was being understood.


I don’t have to wonder anymore because the other night Hannah told me she was discussing Valentine’s Day with a friend of hers. This particular friend has a boyfriend right now and she was remarking on how much better Valentine’s Day is with a partner and how depressing it is without one. You know what my baby girl said? She said, “Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of love and the one and only Valentine that truly matters to me is my mom. She has always made Valentine’s Day awesome for me because it’s a day about the people you love.”

How about that. She gets it.

And so, because it’s about the people you love, I will be making cream puffs tomorrow. And I will be cooking a special dinner for Dale and I. And I will be giving my girlie her annual box of chocolates and asking her to be my Valentine.  I think my mom would be proud.

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  1. Oh, you’ve got it all right! You created just the right message — for Hannah and everyone around you. I love Valentine’s Day for the same reasons — a day of love, and treats, and bright RED . . . right in the middle of a long, dreary winter. XOXO

  2. how sweet! Valentines Day is my favorite excuse to send love notes to my girls (and sometimes to Marc!)… celebrate love for sure!

  3. Thanks Carole! I have not had a good attitude about Valentine’s Day for a long time now. I am going to make tomorrow about making sure my kids know I love them. If I can get out of my house tomorrow, there will even be presents. We are on day three of being house bound due to the weather. I love that Barb’s legacy lives on.

  4. Just mailed off boxes of ‘love’ to my nieces and nephew in the last few days. Yep, it’s about everyone you love.

  5. That is the best explanation of Valentine’s Day that I’ve ever heard. It might have gotten me into the spirit a little, despite being the holiday cynic that I am.

  6. My mom was the same way, and I will admit that it annoys me when people think Valentine’s Day is only about romantic love.

    Hannah seems to be good kid, no matter how/when/where. She is lucky to have you and Dale, and I think you are very lucky to have her.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

  7. That is great! I’ve got to say the last four years I’ve enjoyed sending packages to Dan and friends in NC. I sent two shipments of M&M cookies and penny candy out Tuesday and I know they will LOVE getting them. And that Hannah…I wish she and Dan could cross paths! 😉

  8. Valentine’s Day is all about love, and not about roses and chocolates, as the advertisers would like you to believe. I love that Hannah gets it, and in the same way that you do – and I believe that your Mom is proud of you, always!

  9. Your mom is smiling down on both of you. Job well done Mama Carole! Enjoy your day with your loves tomorrow. And you just inspired me to go make some cream puffs for my loves tonight.

  10. I always enjoy reading your blog Carole but I have to say today’s posting was extra special. Thank you for including the link to your cream puff posting – it was wonderful!

  11. How sweet–you have inspired me! Bringing a little fun and a little chocolate to those you love is never a bad idea!

  12. Awwww.
    I almost (almost) like Valentine’s Day better than Christmas. It has the same warmth and coziness without all the work! Little gifts – one each – hardly any decorating, good food and drink, then it’s OVER.

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