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Things that happened in my world this weekend:

dining room cabinet for carole knits

  • My new camera lens arrived. I did indeed sell my antique Canadian Production Wheel. That money, along with some extra I had set aside, was pooled together and I bought a CanonEF 17-40mm f/4L lens. It’s super wide and it’s sweet, I tell you.
  • Dale and I went to our friends Tom & Anne’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Party. It was great fun, lots of our friends and family were there, too, and there was – for the first time in MA – a keg of Yuengling beer. That’s a reason to celebrate right there.
  • I made these delicious Dill Pickle Bites. They were easy and quick and they were gobbled up at the party so this recipe is a keeper.
  • I finished my Miss BB sweater. She is blocked, seamed, the buttons are sewn on and we’ve even photographed already. Look for a detailed post about this new sweater (that I love-love-love!) on Wednesday.
  • I went to my 4th spinning class of the week. This is the 2nd week in a row that I have managed to go 4 times and I’m really seeing a difference both in my stamina and in my weight. It’s finally going in the right direction.
  • I experienced some of the rather unpleasant side effects of peri-menopause. Weepy and emotional? I creid because were were out of bacon so, you tell me. And all I can truly say is: what fresh hell is this? And also: thank goodness for an understanding husband who takes me for a Sunday drive to cheer me up and then brings me home and cooks awesome bacon cheeseburgers.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Reading this post pre-coffee, as first I thought you were losing weight from taking a (fiber) “spinning” class!
    And regardless of age, being out of bacon is a tragedy.

  2. I always think fiber spinning when I hear spinning class too. I’d take up fiber spinning in an instant if it was a weight loss plan!!

  3. So sorry about the mini blues! Comes out of nowhere huh? I cannot wait to see that Miss BB! Such a great pattern. And the Yuengling…I picked up a 6 pack of black and tan this weekend and it was delicious! Happy Monday Carole!

  4. Perhaps Dale was offering a little end of the weekend re-assurance that there was indeed bacon with those cheeseburgers? 4 spin classes a week? I bow to your stamina!

  5. You are most definitely rocking the spin classes … you put 100% in, and sounds like you’re getting 100% out! Can’t wait to see Miss BB! Being out of bacon is worthy of a cry, menopause or no … I’d say bacon cheeseburgers were a great save by Dale 🙂

  6. That is awesome about the spinning – sometimes you need to mix it up a bit to get the scale moving. Can’t wait to see that sweater. That Dale is a sweetie!

  7. You know how you could do that? (One of my favorite things about Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed & Well Fed 2 cookbooks.) Tortillas instead of white bread to wrap those fantastically yummy looking Dill Pickle Bites. I am salivating.

    SWEET new lens! How fun for you.

  8. Just back from a nice vacation and catching up with blog reading. Sorry about the peri-meltdown and glad for your supportive spouse! Loved last week’s Ten on Tuesday. I actually looked at the links to other bloggers and was very struck by the level of cooperation and good sense in the way these couples negotiated responsibility for all that must be done. As for me, I have always pretended not to know how to use a lawnmower (don’t mind helping to rake after the mowing). Happy Monday!

  9. There are things about age that are wonderful and one or two things that are “fresh hell”, but with loving support we can handle it all. I’m wearing my Miss BB today and I love it! You’ll love yours, too! Sending extra hugs.

  10. Back to say that I’m following you to spinning/cycling class. My gym membership has been unused for so long that I’ve been contemplating cancelling altogether — biggest issue being that my work schedule allows so very few class opportunities. Gave it one last check and notice that there is one spin class each week that I could make… and I’m going to give it a go! Soon it’ll be time to set tires to pavement and it’ll be nice to have a head start. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. A favorite at St. Patrick’s Episcopal coffee hour is similar to your dill pickle bites, but features pickled okra in the center. These yummy bits always get eaten up!

  12. Spinning was a real surprise to me, too. Never thought I’d like it . . . but I really do! (You GO.) Sorry to say. . .but the whole peri-menopause thing was also a real surprise. (And not a good one.) Hang in there.

  13. here’s to all the women who’ve gone before us…and not only survived, but thrived. happy to report I’m on that “other” side myself now and I can assure you the road is hell-ish, but not endless. hang in there! and enjoy your new lens. seriously awesome!

  14. Menopause is definitely a journey and one I can help you through since I am finally after 10 years on the other side of it. 🙂

    You are seriously tempting me with spinning. I am not sure if my back could handle it, but I am tempted…

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