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This weekend . . .

weekending mosaic

I got my errands done on Friday so that I could spend the rest of the weekend playing and doing stuff I wanted to do but not staff I had to do.

I bought daffodils.

I cooked this delicious macaroni & cheese with bacon. So rich. So good. And perfect for a Friday night at home.

I got up early Saturday morning for the Spin-A-Thon. It was so much fun to spin with Dale and my friends and fellow Kiwanians. We raised over $1500 with our little team and we’re already making plans for next year to make it bigger and better.

I went out to breakfast with my Spin-A-Thon teammates. A bacon and cheese omelet never tasted so good, my friends. (I do believe all the bacon this weekend is a direct result of the lack of bacon and crying over it from last weekend.)

I spent the rest of the day hanging out, knitting Sweet Dreams, and relaxing.

In the evening Dale and I went to a local pub that’s a favorite of ours where we drank Yuengling and ate delicious wood grilled pizza.

I got up Sunday and found some drama on Facebook that revealed that what goes around does indeed come around and, while I loathe to be happy about another person’s misery . . . well . . . it’s nice to know that karma is still a bitch.

I finished Sweet Dreams and blocked it.

I wore Miss BB every day.

It was a very good weekend.

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  1. Sounds like one of those perfect kind of weekends! (With a little dollop of karma on top. . .) Can’t wait to see the lace!

  2. Your weekend was much better than last and I’m glad it was full of happy! I have enough family drama. I’m not looking for any more of it on FB or anywhere else! Sweet Dreams is lovely and I hope you reveal it soon! xoxo

  3. Bacon! We had some too. 😉 Congratulations on the spin-a-thon, it’s so fun to do those things with people you can laugh and laugh with. And karma…well you know what they say! 😉

  4. You earned each and every bite of that bacon, m’dear! Glad your weekend was so rich and full, mine was as well 🙂 Very curious about the drama … it’s so prevalent on FB that I’m hardly surprised. Can’t wait to see Sweet Dreams!

  5. Even without “must do” stuff, you certainly had a productive weekend, I love mac ‘n cheese, my husband doesn’t doesn’t (his “bad” wife made it all the time from a Kraft box)–maybe the bacon would change his mind!

  6. Perfect weekend to me! Congrats on raising so much money. And yes, that darling karma is a bitch. Teeheehee! Looking forward to seeing Sweet Dreams in it’s entirety.

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