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Ten On Tuesday

I must be thinking about expanding my horizons on some subconscious level since last week we talked about subjects we want to know more about and this week our Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things I Want to Try. This is a little different than readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmatic, though. Let’s go!

beads for carole knits

  1. Modern quilting. Lately I’m drawn to geometric shapes, bold colors and lots of white, all very different than the log cabin and scrap quilts I used to make.
  2. Short row heels. This tutorial came recommended by blog reader Katie K and I think I might just give it a try.
  3. Underwater photography. Snorkeling in Mexico would be so much more rewarding if I could take photos.
  4. Metal stamping. The problem with this is that it’s not a cheap hobby to start and then what happens if I don’t like it?
  5. Raising chickens. I think this would be great but Dale says no way. And he never says no so I guess I have to respect him when he does. This shall remain a want and not a do.
  6. Not eating after dinner. Okay, this is a weird thing to put on this list but my evening snacking has gotten out-of-control. Maybe if I put it here and say that I’m going to try and not eat after dinner I might actually be able to do it.
  7. Making cheese. I keep reading tutorials on this and it sounds fairly simple and I think the taste difference must be amazing.
  8. Making a leather wrap bracelet. I’ve had friends do this with some success and it would sure beat paying the high price of buying one already made.
  9. Doing more things with my hair. My bangs are almost grown out and I need to learn some easy updos and braids and stuff.
  10. Keeping a journal. I’m hesitant to start because I’m not sure I can commit to writing regularly. But I think it would be good for me so I’m putting it here.

Those are some of the things I want to try. How about you? As always, if you want to sign up for the Ten on Tuesday email then please click here.

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  1. Great list full of fun and interesting (and challenging!) things! (As for the journaling . . . who says you need to write regularly? Just sayin.’)

  2. You don’t want to raise chickens. Just think of feeding, water, and cleaning the cage when there is 3′ of snow on the ground. Everything else sounds wonderful!

  3. Two of my nieces raise chickens, and the fresh eggs are amazing! The mess? Probably not so much 🙁 I’m with you on #’s 4, 7, and 8! And #6 – well, you’re singin’ my song with that one 🙁

  4. Chickens can be pretty interesting and relatively easy to do. But varmints like coyote, fox and skunks (when they are little) can be an issue. Our little tiny town doesn’t allow any type of farm animal and only 3 dogs or 3 cats per household.

  5. If you lived closer (I’m assuming you live far away, I guess), we could try the metal-stamping together! lol As for the chickens, I was the one who didn’t really want them, and my husband did. I wasn’t adamant about it, though, and we started out with 50. I loved them!! Loved the wonderful eggs, loved how my husband babied “his girls” (an interesting side of him that provided lots of fodder for teasing lol), loved the little side income we made from selling the brown, organic eggs, etc. They are definitely one thing I miss now that I’m back living in town. 🙁 If I ever can again, I’ll have a few (not 50+).

  6. It’s been a “challenging” day so I didn’t get to do my list but I think I would like to be a little more adventurous. I have always been a chicken when it comes to roller coasters and daring things. I love your idea of chickens but my hubby said NO too. Oh well.

  7. another fun topic and I’m glad I got to play along…made the perfect to do list for summer. I hope you do try at least a few of the things on your list … but like other readers suggested, I think you should get your fresh eggs from a neighbor! I’m intrigued by short row sock heels, too. I’ve done them twice, but the last time was in 2007 and I know I don’t remember how!

  8. I have coveted the wrap bracelets in the Sundance Catalog for years but they are way over-priced! Looked on YouTube and they are totally do-able to make! Thanks for inspiring me to get out my beads and make one exactly like I want.

  9. I must admit that one of the reasons I’ve kept the blinders firmly in place in regards to spinning is the expense of another hobby, and the equipment for that one isn’t exactly cheap. Hand sewing, on the other hand…

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