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Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic comes from Patty and it’s very timely: Ten Favorite Summer Beverages. Let’s get thirsty!

martinis with a view for carole knits

  1. Water. A cold glass of water is my favorite thirst quencher, always has been and always will be. If I want to get all fancy I add a slice of lemon. Now, my next favorite thing is mostly made of water and that is
  2. Beer. There is nothing and I mean nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon. Don’t judge me but Miller Lite is my favorite for this. However, if I want something fancy I’m going for
  3. Abita Strawberry Lager. It’s not easy to find around here but Dale managed to procure a case for me through a friend and I will be rationing it out over the course of the summer. When I get tired of plain beer and strawberry beer I like
  4. Sam Adams Porch Rocker. Beer and lemonade together. Tasty and refreshing. Okay, though, enough about the beer, let’s talk about something a little stronger like
  5. Margaritas. I make mine very simply: tequila, cointreau and fresh squeeze lime. No sugar, no sour mix (blech), no agave or anything else, just the basics and it is delicious. And potent. So when the time comes for something non-alcoholic I’m a big fan of
  6. Lemonade. Fresh squeezed lemons, ice cold water and sugar. Deeeee-licious. Β And if I want lemon flavor with some boozey side effects I’m going for Kim’s favorite a
  7. Lemontini. I need a good recipe for one, actually, so share in the comments if you’ve got one, please or I’ll be forced to drink cold
  8. White wine. While I do go back and forth between red and white year round I tend to mostly focus on white in the summer because I like it chilled. If I do drink red in the summer, though, it’s probably going to be
  9. Sangria. I like it with lots of fruit but not too sweet, please. Finally, when all else is said and done, there is still my favorite thing ever and that is a
  10. Dirty Grey Goose Martini. It’s a classic for a reason.

And there you have it – my 10 favorite summer beverages. Lots of booze but I’m sure that’s no surprise to any of you given my propensity for boozing it up on a regular basis. How about you? What quenches your thirst? If you wrote a post for today please include your link below and if you’d like to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email then please click here.

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  1. If I’m really thirsty, only Perrier works for me, but normally I don’t drink it, regular filtered water being good enough.

  2. Oh, wait. I didn’t even comment a first time. Lemontinis will forever be about my NE girlies…you, Terry, Kim and Laurie. I toast you guys every time I have one. I’ll spend today dreaming of our stay-cation and how much drinking…both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, we’re going to do. Here’s to you, Carole! clink

  3. My latest favorite has been flavored seltzer … I like the raspberry and wild berry flavors, and the old standby lemon and lime. Add a few ice cubes & it’s a refreshing (and healthier) alternative to soda … add a splash of vodka and it’s even better πŸ˜‰ Another thing I love is a well made Dark ‘n Stormy – ginger beer and Gosling’s dark rum = YUM! This summer I want to get one of those infuser water bottles and try my hand at all those delicious looking naturally flavored water recipes!

  4. Wow. Pretty similar lists! πŸ™‚ Except I’m not much on white wine…altho’ we did find one at the Rebec wine festival we attended a couple of weeks ago – Delfosse Chardonnay. It was pretty darned…OKAY!

  5. Three: lemonade made the lazy way – half powdered lemonade mix and half the no-sugar powdered lemonade with several real lemon slices mixed in; Schweppes Diet Tonic Water with a drop of that sugar-free flavoring stuff that comes in a tiny squeeze bottle; and, finally, Israeli cold coffee – very strong, very sweet, made with whole milk and good sploosh of Kahlua.

  6. Agree with the water, also seltzer water. I also like gin & tonics, but try to find tonic water without High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. Only Whole Foods has it. Vino Verde (Portuguese green wine) is nice; we like the one with the blue cat on the label. We also like ginger beer with lime. I can’t remember the company, but it is low alcohol beer. Very refreshing on a hot evening with Oxford Creamery lobster rolls.

  7. I love that you have more than one favorite beer-like thing on your list! and I hope you find (and share) that lemontini recipe.

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