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In The Moment

What’s happening around here:

yellow daylilies for carole knits

Eating / Macaroni salad. Since Sunday. Yes, I made too much.
Drinking / Cool, crisp white wine.
Practicing / Photography. I actually had a paying job last week and I’m taking pictures of a squooshy newborn tomorrow.
Mastering / Making pie crust. I’ve been doing it for years but there’s always room for improvement.
Learning / Spanish. I am determined this time.
Trying / Running on the treadmill instead of outside. I think I actually enjoy it more for training purposes.
Playing / Lots of podcasts, but especially Books on the Nightstand.
Finishing / Clue 3 of the Through the Loops Mystery Shawl. I love this pattern and am truly enjoying knitting this shawl.
Reading / Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich. It’s crap but it’s entertaining.
Remembering /Our honeymoon on the coast of Maine 17 years ago this week. We ate a lot of lobster.
Wearing / Sundresses and sandals as much as possible.
Cooking / Everything on the grill. Burgers, steaks, chicken, vegetables. I love cooking outside this time of year.
Working / On year end stuff. It’s tricky to spend as much as possible without actually overspending.
Traveling / To our secret island hideaway next week for Dale’s birthday. I can’t wait.
Wanting / A miracle for my friend, Bob. He starts chemo today for stage IV pancreatic cancer. Send him healing thoughts and love, please.

What’s happening for you in this moment?

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  1. I’m trying to ignore the jackhammering going on at the construction site across the street while I draft documents, read mysteries set in foreign lands and knit the Green the Whole Year Round shawlette from charts I’ve reconfigured while I wait to hear from my daughter who’s just gone off to Southeast Asia with a friend. Looks like the weekend weather will be perfect.

  2. Eating lots of grilled foods, love summertime! Reading Dragonfly in Amber, and impatiently waiting for Outlander to air on TV! Knitting fingerless mitts, and contemplating starting a shawl. Praying, for Bob and Tina, and for you guys.

  3. Big prayers sent up for your friend Bob. And I’m loving this weather and crawling through the shawl! (In the middle of clue 2…)

  4. I’m a bit in overwhelm. sigh
    Saying prayers for you friend Bob and for you and Dale as you deal with the emotionality of it all.

  5. Big old cat on the lap and searching for rhubarb recipes that won’t put me into a sugar coma.

    Peg Braken had the best pie crust recipe in the world in the I Hate to Cook Book. For whatever amount of flour you use, use half that amount of shortening, a dash or two of salt, and 1/4 the amount of chilled water.

    Pie crust is about all I’ve mastered so far, but people love my pie! (I am not a novice cook, and have grown children.)

  6. Podcasts are my favorite too these days. Every one who is doing that KAL seems to love it! I’m praying for Bob – and for his family and you, his friends, as you go down this tough road.

  7. So much fun here! I too am knitting the TTL mystery shawl and completely loving it- I have never knit lace with ribbing in it! Eating a chocolate truffle I made from simply the best cocoa powder I’ve ever tasted- Cocoa Barry, bought on Amazon after reading about Alicia’s chocolate ice cream on Posey Gets Cozy blog. It was the last thing I ate last night and the first thing I had this morning, haha. I’m now listening to BOTNS podcast, thanks Carole (I would love to know a list of your fav podcasts)! Drinking my tea, this morning its Oolong. Planning the day, which includes playing with my yarn and fabric stash and going to the dog park for a long walk, unlike many small fenced parks ours is 40 acres of off leash meadows, with a river along one long edge and huge Cottonwood trees on that side and some woods/marsh land on the end. Also I send my heartfelt prayers for your friend Bob that he may be healed and comforted.

  8. I let my disposal “eat” the leftovers after we get tired of them! 😉
    Prayers for your friend Bob.
    Love the lily picture.

  9. Keeping Bob in my thoughts and sending all my good wishes! Enjoy your weekend and take in every bit of summer-y goodness you can!

  10. So many good things! I will be keeping Bob in my prayers however. I lost my aunt this week to pancreatic cancer. I pray that someday there will be a cure for cancer, it takes too many who are dear to our hearts.

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