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Jimmy Buffett Concert 2014

Dale and I went to our first Jimmy Buffett concert back in 2007. We took a couple of lawn chairs, a couple of sandwiches, and some beer. It was simple and fun but not very exciting.

Now, though? Well. Let’s just say we’ve come a looooooong way, baby.

a pirate looks at 63 for carole knits

We turn my Jeep into a pirate ship.

joann and carole for carole knits

We dress as pirates. And (pretend) to smoke cigars.

joann tom and doreen for carole knits

And we drink Bloody Marys. While dressed as pirates, of course.

pirate punch and beer for carole knits

We have a tiki bar. And rum punch. We still have beer because we like beer. And we have lots of food – burgers and chicken wings and brats, deviled eggs and chicken kebabs and jello shots. Pirates needs lots of food to soak up all that booze.

And boy do we have FUN. We spend the day hanging out, laughing, eating and drinking, and meeting lots of other Parrotheads. And then! Then! At the end we get to go to a concert and hear all of my favorite songs. It’s the best party of the year and I’m so lucky I get to spend it with some of my favorite people.

pirate gang for carole knits

Even if they are a gang of pirates.




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  1. As always you look like you had a blast! I just love how you dress up the jeep. One of these days I’m going to go! Maybe next summer.

  2. the DAY??!! …well of course it’s all day and it looks amazing. (Jimmy Buffett is now playing in my head – thank you!) Also, your car makes a great pirate ship!

  3. So fun! I laughed out loud when I was tagged in one of the photos on FB. I almost went to a JB concert once in the 80s… was cancelled last minute or something. Anyway, I don’t think it would have been nearly as fun as this! 🙂

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