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Ten On Tuesday

I was thinking, as I was writing my post on Fiber Revival, about what a great day it always is. And also, how it’s too bad it’s only once a year. And that got me thinking about Ten on Tuesday and lo and behold, a topic was born. Today we are talking about 10 Things I Only Do Once a Year But I Wish You Could Do Them More Often.

annual things mosaic

  1. Fiber Revival. It inspired the topic so of course it needs to be first.
  2. SPA. I’m not sure my liver or wallet could handle more than that one weekend per year but I’d give it a shot.
  3. Jimmy Buffett. Ditto on the liver survival. I do sort of wish there was a way to go the night before the concert and camp out – that would be bomb.
  4. Our vacation in Mexico. For right now, at least, this is an annual event. I’d be pleased to make it semiannual, though.
  5. Celebrate our anniversary. It’s always such a day full of special feelings and memories. Then again, we try and make most days like that. I’m leaving this on the list anyway, though.
  6. Experience the summer solstice. How about if this was 4 times a year – then we’d never have to have winter, right?
  7. The Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. Sure, it’s a lot of work but it’s also a LOT of fun. And we make a lot of money!
  8. Go to the Marshfield Fair. I love a good country fair and, since we go on vacation right after the local fair starts, we only get to go one night. It’s this coming Friday and I intend to make the most of it: corn dogs and beer, fried dough and ice cream! Good thing I go to the gym more than once a year.
  9. Attend Tom & Anne’s St. Patrick’s Day party. It’s fun, we get to see lots of great people, the food is fantastic, and there’s lots of beer. Too bad St. Patrick’s Day only comes once a year.
  10. Christmas morning. I debated putting this on here because everything that leads up to Christmas morning is work and stress and spending. But Christmas morning, when it all comes together and my family is opening gifts in their PJs and sharing and laughing and drinking mimosas – well, that moment is pretty sweet.

That’s my list and I can’t wait to read all of yours. Be sure and click the button below to add your post. Sign up for the Ten on Tuesday weekly email here.

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  1. I agree with the vacation part – it needs to be more often! And can’t we just add a day to our week for fiber events?

  2. I love going to Rhinebeck (on Sundays), but this year we’ll be going to a wedding in Vermont instead. It would be great to meet up with you there next year.

    Everything else, except the standard birthdays and holidays, we can do multiple times a year or much less frequently.

  3. I’m enjoying all the posts… and thinking about the special once a year “gifts”. enjoy your break for the next two weeks; you’ll be missed!

  4. Christmas became so much more enjoyable once we gave up the tree and limited gifts to stocking stuffers. Everyone involved agrees, so much easier.

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