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Cape Cod Vacay 2014

Our Cape Cod vacation, like Hannah’s birthday, creates a challenge: it’s hard to find new ways to talk about something that happens year after year. We go to many of the same places, we do many of the same things. The one thing I can tell you about this year that was quite different from last year is that the weather was perfect. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Who gets 2 weeks on Cape with sunshine and blue skies every day? No one. But we did this year and it was amazing.

brewster beach for carole knits

So we went to the beach.

dramatic sunset for carole knts

And we saw some beautiful sunsets.

flying bridge lunch for carole knits

We went out for lobster.

beach knitting for carole knits

And we knit on the beach.

dramatic sky for carole knits

We pedaled through the marshes.

waquoit marsh golden hour for carole knits

And we reveled in the golden hour in the late afternoon.

marsh sunset for carole knits

Often staying right until sunset.

kandy korner truffles for carole knits

We shopped and ate and drank and played games and laughed and sang and danced and loved every glorious minute of it.

packed up for carole knits

And then we packed up and came home, full of wonderful memories of our time together.

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  1. Great shots of what looks like a fantastic vacation. I’m intrigued by ‘we knit on the beach’. Dale taking up knitting? ;^)

  2. Sounds relaxing to the max. (And I’m glad you’re back! So many have quit blogging – I miss having my morning coffee with “virtual” friends.)

  3. perfect! I especially love the marshes; reminds me of the Carolina Low Country. So glad you enjoyed great weather, too!

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