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Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Cars I Have Had. I’m going with chronological order, here, because I think that is the only way I will be able to remember them correctly. Ready?

mini pearl

  1. Mazda 323. My first car ever, bought right after my college graduation and it was brand new. I got my driver’s license the same day I got the car.
  2. Ford Tempo. I hated that car. Loathed it, in fact. I will never own another Ford if I can help it.
  3. Chevy Blazer. Dale bought this for me when we got engaged because he wanted Hannah and I in something safe and prior to this we were driving that POS Ford Tempo. I loved this car, not only for the sentiment that went with it, but for it’s style and drive-ability.
  4. Chevy Suburban. I’ve had 2 and Dale had one, as well. In fact, at one point we both drove Suburbans and that was a little nuts. They are great for towing, though, and we had a camper and 4 kids and it was awesome to never have to worry about not having enough space.
  5. Jeep Wrangler. We bought this the year I turned 40 and I love this stupid thing. It’s so much fun to take the doors off and the top down and ride around with the radio turned up really loud.
  6. Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was red and fancy and I loved it while I had it.
  7. Subaru Outback. Also red and the first brand new car I had since that Mazda way back in 1987.
  8. Subaru Crosstrek. My current car. It’s zippy and fun to drive and the tires are very cool looking. The seats, however, are uncomfortable and I think when I trade this in I will go back to an Outback and at that point Dale will get a pick up truck again – and that will make him very happy.
  9. I also had vehicles I didn’t own but that I drove regularly. The first was my mom’s Dodge Diplomat. The thing was a boat and it’s what I drove when I learned to drive. It was banana yellow. You could see me coming and that was probably a very good thing.
  10. We’ve had various pick up trucks over the years, too. A truck is definitely not my thing but they certainly come in handy and it’s Dale’s vehicle of choice. Well, after a Chevy Suburban but those days are over for us.

So, those are the cars I have driven. Some I have loved and some I have hated but they all served a purpose and thinking about them has brought back some great (and some not so great!) memories.

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  1. You’ve had a fleet good cars and I love that picture of you. You know what a dump I drive, but cars are a means of transportation, and the main thing is, she runs well.

  2. The only car I ever owned was a ford I inherited from my mother. Its engine gave out at a toll booth on the NYS Thruway on the way home from my ex-sister-in-law’s wedding. I always have thought my mother’s ghost killed the car out of disapproval of me going.

    But for me, the more appropriate choice would be to list the bicycles I have owned. My current one is an antique silver Motorbecane and I adore it; it rides like a dream and is very lightweight. Or I could list the cars i have borrowed or rented. Some of the rental cars have had uncomfortable features like your current car. I’m glad they were only temporary.

  3. Interesting topic! I must have had 10 cars in my life but right now don’t know if I could remember them all! I do know I loved some more than others.
    Love the picture!

  4. I feel about Honda the way you feel about Ford. (By the way, we love our Fords.) That Honda was the ONLY new car we ever bought, and it was a lemon from the get-go, always something wrong with it. It almost killed my whole family on the highway, and more than once, what with this and that very serious thing giving out at inopportune moments. So – cars can have things go wrong, but the Honda corporation never gave us any satisfaction, and we went, gradually, right to the very top. Sorry – I shouldn’t have got started on this topic!

  5. Cars….they almost become family members. I totally love cars! The first one I owned was a 1951 Nash Rambler with a sexy continental kit in back. It was ancient and had all kinds of problems, but I loved it anyway! I have also loved my Pontiac GTO, my Datsun 280ZX, and the two mini-vans I’ve driven over the past 17 (yikes) years. Fun topic!

  6. I don’t think I’ve even owned 10 cars. I tend to keep them for a long time. Let’s see . . . 1978 Subaru wagon, 1988 Subaru wagon, 1999 Toyota Sienna, 2001 Lexus RX300 (which I’m still driving). That’s it!

  7. I don’t think I’ve had 10 cars. Pontiac Grand Prix, Cutlass Cruiser Wagon, Honda Accord Hatchback, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord Sedan. That’s it!

  8. We try to keep our cars for as long as possible. 1988 Nissan Sentra (kind of tin can like- we called it The Toaster), 1990 Honda Accord (because we had a new baby on the way and needed a better/safer car- DH surprised me with it), 1998 Toyota Sienna, 2004 Toyota Sienna and my current 2014 Acura MDX. DH had a Ford Merkur which he “lemoned” within the first year of owning it in the ’80’s. We have sworn off Fords and American cars in general since then. When searching for my current car, seat comfort was really high up on my list. I was flabbergasted by how many cars we test drove that had really uncomfortable seats.

  9. it’s been fun to read these posts today. and I was a little surprised you’re the first one (in my reader anyway) who admitted to style AND function. Subaru owes a few of you something good for the free advertising!

  10. It’s fun seeing how many people actually keep their cars for a long time. Though I know plenty of people who trade them in every couple of years.

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