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Show & Tell Saturday: Thanksgiving Decorations

I love to decorate my house for fall. I have leaf-y garlands and pumpkins and quilted things. I have some things that are specific for Halloween but I have quite a few things that are specific for Thanksgiving and those are my favorite.

thanksgiving decorations mosaic

I have a few signs and a lot of ceramic turkeys. I have a thankful banner for the mantel and I think shed antlers go great with the Thanksgiving theme so those are on the mantel, too. I have some quilted Thanksgiving wall hangings and wine glasses that I only use this time of year. I really think setting the stage for a holiday makes a big difference when it comes to celebrating and enjoying the season and because I love Thanksgiving so much I love all of these decorations.

One week from today, though, they will all be tucked away for another year. I plan to spend this week enjoying them as much as I can.

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  1. It all looks so festive and welcoming. I can see that having a holiday at your house is great! And that Thankful banner is wonderful.

  2. Your house looks comforting and welcoming! The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is so short, the decorations must be enjoyed for a week or two before the next (big) holiday comes along.

  3. I love your ceramic turkeys! I don’t have any Thanksgiving-specific decorations, but I really should get a few so I can make my mantel look as lovely as yours.

  4. So pretty! Looks very warm and inviting. I don’t have many Thanksgiving decorations, but my favorite has to be the turkey made from a pine cone and construction paper that one of the girls made in elementary school.

  5. Really pretty, especially the ceramic turkeys. I wish I did more of this kind of thing. We only ever get to a few Christmas decorations in our home.

  6. your decorations look so warm and thankful! seems like the “fall” season was way too short this year (which likely means winter is going to hang around way too long!)

  7. Your decorations look so cozy and inviting! I have a small group of turkeys and pumpkins that I love having out during the fall. I even have a set of lovely ceramic pilgrims! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I love surrounding myself with symbols of the holiday.

  8. Thanksgiving gets pretty much ignored in the commercial world….it’s straight from Halloween to Christmas but I love my Thanksgiving décor too. Yours is wonderful! Love it!

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