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Show & Tell Saturday: Print from Mexico

mexico print for carole knits

On our first trip to Mexico we bought the above print. I found it in what is now my favorite shop in Tulum and it was cheap — 150 pesos, if I recall correctly. That’s about 10 bucks.

mexico print 2 for carole knits

I saw it and it made me laugh and I had to have it. Not for the whole Lucha libre thing but for the school bus. And the guy in the Lucha libre mask with the long blond hair who reminds me of Dale. And the boy on the other side of the bus who reminds me of Patrick. There’s a lot going on and it’s all funny and I bought it instantly.

When we brought it home we took it to be framed and that added, oh, about $200 to the price of our $10 print. Yikes. And we got it home and we hated it. At that point the mat that is gray in this photo was bright blue. It was way too bright and a big distraction and totally took away from the picture itself. We lived with it for a couple of weeks but ultimately decided it needed to be changed so we brought it back and they swapped out the blue for this soft gray and — OH!!! — so much better.

Now it hangs in our kitchen and it brings back memories of Mexico. It’s the perfect souvenir.

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  1. Fun! And a super souvenir.

    I have pictures that the boys did in art class that I’ve always intended to frame but never get around to it…the cost is the biggest factor. o.0

  2. I can understand why they used a bright blue mat, but with so much going on there… the gray is SO much better! What a great reminder of a fun place & time.

  3. art makes a great souvenir, especially when you have a personal connection with the piece; and I love the gray mat with those two pops of color underneath – really sets off the print!

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