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Show & Tell Saturday

raw bar sign for carole knits

I bought that sign at an outdoor craft show in Hyannis in August of 2013. Tom & Anne were visiting us for the weekend and Dale had to work with the band so the 3 of us wandered around the Cape a bit and stumbled on this great show. I know I bought a few other things that day as well – a platter made from a Grey Goose bottle, a wooden bowl, some soap – the typical craft fair stuff. In this picture the sign is on the mantel of our Cape Cod rental house. You should also recognize the candle holder from last week, too.

Anyway, that sign is blue lettering on a piece of whitewashed wood and it’s not as brown as it looks in this photo. It’s very shabby chic and I had to have it the minute I saw it. Not only does it reference our favorite place to eat when we’re on vacation on Cape Cod (home of the ginormous lobster rolls), but it became the inspiration for the remodel of our den.

Seriously. I designed an entire room around this sign. What? Inspiration has to come from somewhere.

And I sort of promise that next time you see this sign it will be because I have written a post about the room re-do.




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  1. ‘Sort of promise.’? Find your inner Yoda, girl. Besides, I’m a terrible decorator so I want to see how your sign inspired a whole room. Teach me, Yoda.

  2. How wonderful to get your posts on weekends! And there’s nothing like a great lobster roll.

  3. The best re-designs start with one piece of inspiration! (I once designed an entire suite of rooms after a lamp shade. . . ) What a great find!

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