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Show & Tell Saturday

Hey! It’s a Saturday and there’s a new post on Carole Knits! Whaaaaa?

It can only mean one thing, friends, and it’s this: I have decided to participate in NaBloPoMo aka National Blog Posting Month. It means I will be posting every day for the month of November. Yes, even on Saturdays and Sundays. I haven’t done this since 2011 and, while I won’t say I was coerced into it, I will say there was some peer pressure. Right, (cough)Kym(cough)Margene(cough)Patty(cough)Vicki?.

Anyway. I have decided to devote Saturdays posts to Show & Tell. I will show you a picture of something from my house and tell you the story behind it.

christmas tree candle holder for carole knits

This is my favorite candle holder. It’s a wrought iron frame that holds 7 clear glass votive cups. And I have two of them.

I originally saw this at Christmas Tree Shop in Avon back in the spring of 2013. It was $10 and I debated and hemmed and hawed and . . . didn’t buy it. Of course I immediately regretted it but I never went back and looked for it and I sort of forgot about it.

Fast forward to August of 2013 and we’re on Cape Cod for our summer vacation and we make our annual pilgrimage to The Christmas Tree Shop. And there, in the clearance aisle, are 2 of these candle holders. And they are 1/2 price. So I bought them both for $10 and I’ve been in love with them ever since. When we got back to our rental house I immediately put them on the mantel in the living room. And I lit them every night for the remainder of our vacation.

When I bought them home I placed them on the console that sits under our wall-hanging TV. And, while I don’t light them every night, I do light them frequently and I love the warm and cheery glow they give to the room. I even love them so much that this year, when we were packing for the Cape, I brought them with me and put them on the mantel again.

They make any room feel like home. And (because I can’t resist) don’t you just love a bargain?

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  1. Peer pressure is so powerful and I’m glad you were swayed! I love the idea of Show and Tell! Candles not only light a room, they throw warmth, and glow into the soul.

  2. What a GREAT deal — for a perfect home accent. I love candles — and those are ideal for every season. (Peer pressure. It’s a powerful force.)

  3. My test for a purchase is to leave without it. If I’m willing to go back for it, I buy it. Go back and it is on sale? Definitely meant to be!

  4. Love the Christmas Tree Shops. I too have left without something I wanted, then was upset with myself for not going back to get it. Guess it was meant for you to have them since you did find an even better “Bargain”. Looking forward to reading your future posts.

  5. Love the story and the candles. And you have to love The Christmas Tree Shops!! Did
    you know we actually have one – finally – down here about 20 minutes from me in Greensboro, NC!!! Love how you brought them to the Cape on vacation.

  6. So glad you were finally able to get the candle holders! I’ve learned when shopping and can’t decide, I think of this…if someone were to walk up and purchase the only one available…how would I feel? Upset that I didn’t get it? Or, I saved my money on that one! It helps figure out my true feelings about it. 🙂

  7. So surprised to find I’m two posts behind! Love your candle holders! Sounds like they were meant to be! Boy have I experienced non buying remorse. Sometimes I can be so undecided!

  8. Delighted to read that you will be posting daily in November – and Kym, and Vicki and Margene, too. All of you are in my Feedly reader!

    Fun read about how you acquired the candle holder. I have some nice ones with some lovely scented candles, but I so rarely think of lighting them! Sad. You have inspired me to use them more this winter.

  9. that kind of peer pressure is probably a good thing! and I love your idea for Saturdays… and those candle holders. I tend to light candles more for the smell than the light, until this time of year, when candlelight makes me happy it’s dark outside.

  10. (Catching up on blogs here.) I am doing NaBloPoMo, too. Over the past six months I had gotten slack about posting, and now I am finding that the daily posting is reinvigorating me. Let’s keep cheering for each other!

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