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It’s December 1st! Or: Things I Learned During NaBloPoMo

December 1st has arrived and I have now blogged for 30 days straight. Well, 31 counting today. And assuming I keep to my regular schedule and blog straight through Friday that will mean I blogged for 35 days in a row. Whew.

Truthfully, it was fun. And I learned that it doesn’t have to be work. Sometimes you can have no idea what a post is going to be about and you can just sit down and start typing and wind up with a blog post pretty quickly.

makeup baskets for carole knits

I learned that it’s still important for every blog post to have a picture. It doesn’t have to relate to the topic (like this basket of make up, for instance) but an illustration matters.

I learned that I don’t have to write my post the day before to publish at 6am. That’s still my preference because, you know, to-do lists and check offs and all, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I learned that answering emails from all those comments it still fun. And I met knew commenters, too.

I learned that having all of my friends participate in this meant I had a lot more blog reading to do this month. It was fun and I got to know my friends even better but it was a lot of reading. And commenting.

I learned that the best blog posts are the ones that are authentically me. It doesn’t have to be rainbows and happiness all the time but it does have to be honest. Sharing the good stuff is great and definitely something I have always tried to do. But sharing the bad stuff is okay, too, because when I do that I not only get some great insight from all of you but I also learn that even the bad stuff isn’t really all that bad.

And so, in conclusion, I’m glad I did it and I’m glad you all were along for the ride. Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for being here.

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  1. I enjoy checking your blog in the morning as I’m having my coffee. It was fun this month to have your blog to read even on the weekends. Most blogs take the weekend off, so it was a nice bonus. Have a lovely day – hard to believe we’re in the home stretch of 2014!

  2. it was a treat to share a few moments with you each day. Thanks for the extra effort, and for inspiring me with Sunday Supper, too.

  3. Thanks for blogging every day. I will miss you on weekends, but everyone needs a day or two off, so enjoy the respite! You are so right about the pictures. I love seeing your photos. See you tomorrow!

  4. A lot of reading and a lot of commenting…it was as much a commitment as the blogging (even more). Sometimes I felt like I was in a room with all of my besties and I LOVED it. Can’t say I love blogging everyday, but I love that my friends took the time. xox

  5. My list of lessons learned is almost the same! I think I’ll keep posting as long as I have something to say, but it is nice to have the pressure taken off of feeling like I have to do it. Thank you for your daily posts, comments on mine, and your support!

  6. I’ll miss hearing from you every day! My month was wild, and I could barely keep up with the posting and the reading and the commenting. (But I’m really glad we did it.)

  7. I always enjoy your blog. I sent you an email through your photography email. (I think) Did you get it?

  8. You’re the best sweetie! And more power to ya to be able to run your household, work all day, keep track of the far away kiddos, bake amazing pies, AND keep up with blogging, reading, commenting AnD answering all commenters! Phew! You da bomb bay-bee!

  9. So funny — I hardly ever plan in advance. Even after almost 11 years, most days I just sit down and start to type. Even for Ten on Tuesday posts, and even with a week’s advance notice, I end up sitting down on Tuesday morning to pull it all together. It’s not even procrastination, really; it’s just the way I think/write.

    It was a lot more blog reading & commenting than usual, and it was a crazy-busy month. I wish I could have done better in that department, but I did the best I could. I’ve participated in NaBloPoMo for quite a few years now, and really enjoyed the additional company this year!!

  10. Awwwww! You are such a sweetheart. Your reflections about blogging were enlightening. I think my husband thinks it’s wierd (sp?) that I look at you anf a handful of other bloggers as friends.

  11. Thank you for your time and energy this November as you blogged each and every day. You are a part of my daily blog reads, every day, and it was so fun to “see” you each day. And I learned through this month that those of you who commit to blogging, really do love the comments and hearing from us, the readers. So my new commitment is to come out of the dark occasionally and let you know I appreciate your time, energy, stories, and photos. Really…my day is not complete without going through my blog cycle. So…Thank you.

  12. this is my second time participating and I still haven’t managed 30 posts…but I enjoyed this 2nd effort a lot more, thanks to encouragement and good role models from folks like you – truly, thank you! I wonder what it says about us that showing up and being honest for a whole month is hard, but maybe not as hard as we thought? (especially if we don’t have to be pretty every day 😉

  13. I agree with you totally about the necessity of a picture. If I have photos the post writes itself.
    And I despise blogs where everything is sweetness and light. That is just plain dishonest.

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