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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Len’s Scarf

Knitting a scarf is an epic undertaking. It’s even more epic when the person you are knitting it for is a guy who is 6 foot 3. Yeah.

lens scarf 3 for carole knits

So, this scarf? It took a while. Almost 2 months, in fact. It was worth all the boredom, though, when I gave it to my cousin Len last Wednesday night and he wrapped it around his neck. And remarked about how soft it is. And how nice and long it is. And how store bought scarves are a) expensive and b) not nearly as nice as those that are knit for you by someone who loves you.

lens scarf 1 for carole knits

He gets it.

lens scarf 2 for carole knits

And that’s why he gets the hand knits.

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  1. Lovely scarf! Len is definitely knit-worthy, and that’s saying something for a guy that’s 6 foot 3. My sons aren’t exceptionally tall, but they both wear size 14 shoes, so I always say that knitting socks for them shows just how much I love them.

  2. Somebody worthy of hand knits – I love it. And I’m glad he loves his scarf. It looks so warm and cozy. Perfect for a day like today.

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