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Christmas 2014

Week 2 of my vacation begins today and I’m luxuriating in a week with nothing to do but hang out with family and friends, relaxing and reading, knitting and quilting, and maybe doing a bit of local sightseeing and movie going. In other words – blogging may be sporadic. For today, though, how about some pictures to illustrate just how wonderful our Christmas was?

christmas eve carole dale for carole kntis
Dale and I at our Christmas Eve gathering. Thanks to Tom for taking one of us together – that doesn’t happen very often.

christmas eve bret rick dee dee for carole knits
Christmas Eve should include singing – and we are very lucky to have some talented musicians in our circle of friends.

christmas eve singing for carole knits
What is it Elf says? The best way of spreading Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. He didn’t say anything at all about the singing being on-key, thank goodness.

dale with lincoln shirt for carole knits
I’m pretty sure this was Dale’s favorite present this year – a shirt that combines Lincoln and The Beatles from Jessica. Please to note the mimosas with paper straws. Mmm.

christmas dinner table for carole knits
My brother-in-law, Randy and his wife Mary had Christmas dinner for 14 of us and it was wonderful. Christmas goose and wild duck and grilled venison along with delicious wild rice and (my absolute favorite) Mary’s butternut squash and apple casserole. Mary sets a beautiful table and there is something so warm and wonderful about being in their log cabin on this special night.

jack hannah for carole knits
Hannah with her Grampa.

family dinner table for carole knits
And finally, all of us at Christmas dinner. I love my family and feel so lucky to have spent time with (most) of them on this holiday. I hope you all had a peaceful and beautiful Christmas.

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  1. Carole, I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them with your blog fans and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2015!

  2. What a wonderful celebration! Enjoy this week off, Carole! (It’s one of my favorite times of the year — this after-Christmas time.)

  3. Your pictures do show how wonderful your Christmas was, full of all the best things. Thanks for sharing and enjoy a totally wonderful week of vacation!

  4. what a wonderful time y’all had! (and great photos to keep those memories fresh) … so glad you get to carry all the merriment into this week, too!

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