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Is Sally Here?

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Settle in, friends, because I have a story to tell you.

The other night I went to help a friend with a knitting project. She was babysitting her grandson, as she often does, so she gave me the address of her daughter and son-in-law’s house. (For the sake of my story, I will make up an address: 224 Main Street.) She described the house as a white ranch. As I was leaving my house she texted me and said that I should use the front door but that I should not ring the bell because the baby was sleeping. She said she’d be watching for me.

I put the address in my GPS and I set out. It was only a little over 10 minutes before I found a white ranch at 224 Main Street. I parked my car and walked up to the front door. Said door was ajar so I knocked and waited a few seconds. Being mindful of the sleeping baby, I knocked again and pushed on the door a bit, quietly calling her name. Sally? No response but I thought, well, maybe she’s tending to the baby, so I pushed the door open further and stepped into a darkened living room. The TV was on and there was a man lying on the couch flipping through the channels. Sally hadn’t mentioned that her husband would be with her but I figured this was him so, as he looked up from his channel flipping, I said, “Is Sally here?” And he said, without getting up and with barely a glance in my direction, “Sally? There’s no Sally here.”

Ummmmm. Whaaaaa?

I questioned the address and he said I had the right address but that he didn’t know Sally. He remained lying on the couch, flipping the channels on the TV. At this point I am backing out and apologizing profusely. As I am apologizing I pointed out that the front door was partly open and that I thought my friend had left it that way for me. Because, really, who leaves their door open like that in March?? I mean, it made complete sense that I thought it was ajar like that because Sally was expecting me. So I stumble my way out of the house, saying how sorry I am for disturbing him, and he says, “no problem. Hope you find Sally.”

I get back in my car and I’m sort of laughing but also sort of horrified. I text Sally and I say, “I’m at 224 Main Street. But you’re not.” And she texts back immediately (thank goodness!) and says, “Oh NO! It’s 324 Main Street, not 224. I’m so sorry!”

Can I just ask, right now, what are the odds that this could happen? Not only was there actually a house at the wrong number, because that’s not a guarantee, but the house was the right color. And the whole bit with the front door being ajar like that totally fit what I expected since the baby was sleeping and Sally was watching for me. Right? And also, wouldn’t you get up off the couch if a stranger stepped into your living room looking for Sally? I know I would. This guy, though? Totally nonplussed by the whole thing.

To wrap this up, I found the right house easily and there was Sally. The lights were on and she was standing in the doorway, waving to me. We had a really good laugh, I said how happy I was that at least the guy had clothes on, and boy aren’t I lucky that he wasn’t an ax murderer, and I proceeded to help her with the heel of the Christmas stocking she is knitting. I should say, though, that this was a short row heel with yarn overs and I had never done that before. We got it figured out and done but I’m not sure how much help I actually provided.

The moral of the story? Double check your addresses, my friends. Double check.


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  1. Yikes! Scary! Maybe he shares the house with roommates so he doesn’t know everyone who comes in and out, but it’s still a huge coincidence! The only thing to make it weirder would have been if he was knitting instead of watching TV!

  2. I’m not laughing…i consider you a very lucky lady to gave made it out unscathed! Thats scary shit!

  3. Who leaves their door open like that, ever?! My husband was in such a hurry to lock the door last night that he locked me out locked me out while I was taking out the trash!

  4. That’s quite a story. I’ll bet the guy is still laying on his couch laughing about the lady who came waltzing into his house. The story is better than anything he saw on tv that night.

  5. LOL! The stars really had to align to make all that happen! I’m glad he was easy about it, and that all that came out of it was a funny story.

  6. Oh my gosh!! What are the odds of that happening? Thank God he wasn’t a crazy person. I would kinda freak out if some strange person walked into my house. Glad he was real chill about the whole thing.

  7. Maybe he had let the cat out and was waiting for it to come back? Maybe he was waiting for the pizza delivery guy? Maybe HE didn’t belong there either and was making it look like he was supposed to. Whatever the case, it made a great story. Glad you got the heel turned! 🙂

  8. We’ve always laughed because my GPS INSISTS “you’ve arrived on the left” when I come home, but my house is on the RIGHT! That’s “hishonorthemayor”, now retired, who lives across the street. It’s a good thing the description of my house is very different from his.

  9. Also a good thing you weren’t in Florida where they have that law that says that the homeowner can shoot first and ask questions later.

  10. I got a good laugh from this. Guess you didn’t look too threatening – he must have known you were a knitter!

  11. Oh, my! Now THAT, my friend, is an adventure!!! So glad you got out of there safely. Because door ajar + guy just laying there while stranger walks in calling for “Sally” does NOT add up. XO

  12. At first, this was funny. But then I thought about a Colorado law that would have allowed that guy to do real,damage to our favorite blogger. It makes me thinkmtoward those inclined to unquestioning violence, “Where is the common sense?”.

  13. So, a elderly friend of mine told me that he was invited to dinner at the home of an acquaintance. Upon arriving, he knocked, entered the house, called out and made his way back to the kitchen. He proceeded to have dinner and an enjoyable visit. He kept waiting for what he thought was a mutual friend, who never showed up. At the end of a shortened evening, he thanked them and left, never knowing their names or in whose home he’d had supper. His friend was waiting for him, but not at that home.

  14. oh my – what a story…and the others shared in the comments are just as strange. thank goodness it all worked out ok (and yeah, those short-row heels are so weird!)

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