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Weekending: Wish You’d Been Here

I had a really nice, rather relaxing, totally chill weekend. I wish you had been here. Know why? Because . . .

saturday morning coffee and reading for carole knits

If you had been here this weekend you would have kept me company while I got a pedicure. You would have cheered when I chose hot pink instead of my standard red.

You would have gone grocery shopping with me and reminded me to get batteries. Because I forgot. Again.

You would have held my hand while I got my mammogram. And you would have laughed and told me not to worry even though I always worry about this.

If you had been here this weekend you would have enjoyed a very nice evening on the deck with Dale and I and our friend Anne. You wouldn’t have gotten any dinner – because I kinda didn’t make any – but you would have had bruschetta and that’s the next best thing.

You would have gotten up early with me on Saturday morning and sat on the deck, drinking coffee and reading. You would have left me alone so that I could read interrupted. You’re good like that.

I know you would have helped me clean and organize the craft room. You would have taken out the trash and helped me put away yarn and I just know you would have swept and dusted. And I’d have appreciated it, too.

You would have hung out with me on Saturday when Dale went off to work with the band. I would have shared my salmon with you and you would have stopped me from eating so much rice and encouraged me to eat more vegetables.

If you had been here this weekend you would have sat quietly early Sunday morning while I finished reading The Light Between Oceans. And then we would have had a wonderful chat about the book, how heart wrenching and beautiful it was, how it made us want to visit a lighthouse and how we just couldn’t have predicted that ending but how satisfying it was nonetheless.

Then you would have helped me make blueberry pancakes for Dale.

After breakfast you would have knit with me while we listened to my new favorite Pandora radio station, Laid Back Brunch. We would have had to come inside when the rain started but we would have exclaimed over how badly we needed the rain and we wouldn’t have complained at all.

We would have lit candles and made the house cozy and chatted with Dale over a glass of wine and some cheese in the late afternoon.

And we would have finished the weekend by catching up on Game of Thrones and Outlander.

On Sunday evening we would have remarked that we hadn’t left the house in two days and we didn’t even mind because we had everything we needed right here.

Don’t you wish you had been here this weekend?

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  1. I had a lovely family packed, busy wedding weekend, but yours was more my speed. And that mammogram is almost never ever anything to worry about. Not like a trip to the DDS where you have so many more things that can potentially have a problem. Happy Monday!

  2. I do, indeed, wish I had been there to share in all of that wonderfulness with you 🙂

  3. Yes! Sounds delightful. Though I would have missed a delicious burger dinner on the deck in Milton as only my son -in- law can do. The joy in riding home with my CO daughter and hubby for a wheel long visit. Lobster dinner with steamers and oysters to celebrate their one year anniversary. Lovely weekend!

  4. It would have been nice to sit side by side and read. And quip every hour or so. Sounds perfect Carole! I got a lot of reading done yesterday too.

  5. My sister and I always say how much more fun it is to help someone clean and organize than to do it alone, so I definitely would have helped you. I also would have held your hand during your mammogram. Not to be negative, but sometimes there is something to worry about, and that is best shared also.

  6. Everything, even the cleaning, is more fun with a good friend. My sister and I often go to medical appointments to support each other. There is nothing like a friend to mitigate anxiety! And since the weekend was about 90% fun stuff, I’m all in!

  7. We had very similar weekends – knitting, reading and enjoying the outdoors. I need to catch up on Outlander and Game of Thrones though!

  8. What a lovely post. I live in New England also, and agree we need the rain, so I won’t complain. (maybe)

  9. Yes, I would have loved to be there with you. Sounds like a weekend where you don’t mind doing all the mundane chores because you have your good friend to help and keep you company. And of course, knitting and good snacks top it all off! I did enjoy my knitting and the French Open this weekend, although my husband wasn’t “into” either of them!

  10. Outlander! Daunting to watch. Full frontal – the ladies’ turn to ogle, at last.

  11. the next best thing to my weekend would’ve been sharing yours! I love not leaving the house any day of the week, but it’s especially nice on a Saturday. and you certainly had the food and drink covered. but I would not be the one to sweep. or dust 😉

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