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Ten On Tuesday

It’s June and it’s summer (well, almost) and it’s my favorite time of year. Of course the irony is that as I am typing this it’s currently 52° and raining but whatever, it will be warm again soon. I love the summer because it’s warm and the days are long. Our schedules are more relaxed and this time of year it feels like there’s time for everything. We know, though, that time has a way of slipping away from us and the best way I know to make sure I get things done that I want to get done is to make a list. And so, for today’s Ten on Tuesday topic, I am sharing with you 10 Things On My Summer Bucket List.

summer bucket list mosaic

  1. Visit the Mark Twain House. We’ve talked about this for a while and I think we are finally going to visit.
  2. Pick blueberries. Make a blueberry pie. Make blueberry cake. Freeze the rest.
  3. Walk more with Dale. It’s nice to walk outside in the evening light together.
  4. Complete at least 3 Summer Book Bingo rows.
  5. Sit on the deck. A lot.
  6. Swing in the hammock. A lot.
  7. See Jurassic World.
  8. Ride my bike.
  9. Eat outside whenever possible.
  10. Play Yard Yahtzee. This one is dependent on Dale actually getting this made. I’m putting it on here to, errrr, remind him about it.

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  1. These all look like excellent summertime activities! I’m especially interested in Yard Yahtzee, but since I’m still waiting for my husband to make us a Kubb set, I may have to put “learn some woodworking skills” on my list.

  2. Yard Yahtzee?! Tell Dale the blog is intrigued. We saw kids playing yard Jenga a couple of weeks ago. Pretty funny to watch.

  3. Great balance between activity and just kicking back. Can’t wait to hear about the Mark Twain house.

  4. Be sure to say hello Julia from the Literary Disco Podcast who works at the MT House. What a fantastic idea, and Yard Yahtzee-yes more info please!

  5. A great prompt as we “officially” move to summer this weekend! Your list sounds delightful. Thanks for this prompt – it was fun to compile…and BONUS…I’ve got an early fall post to easily get pulled together by revisiting my list & what happened.

  6. Yard Yahtzee!!! wow, that looks amazing. (if you get Dale to make one set, maybe he wouldn’t mind making two?!) and promise me that when you go to the Mark Twain house you’ll post a photo of you and Julia Pistell. And as always, thank you for hosting an awesome topic. This one was timely (and fun!)

  7. I’m pretty sweet on that drink caddy, personally. I already have the caddy part, I just need the bottle opener!

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