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An Update from Oxford

I had a great vacation! And I have pictures to show you and stories to share with you but I need a day or two to get all of that ready.

In the meantime, I think you’ll be happy to know that Hannah is doing very well at Oxford. She has been in touch with us frequently, we have Face Timed and she has been sending me pictures of where she is and what she’s doing.

oxford dorm room view

This is the view out of her dorm room windows. Pretty awesome, right?

She has been to the Bodleian and has toured Oxford. She has had Pimm’s Cup and Guinness in a pub while watching Wimbledon. She is making friends and studying hard and feeling challenged and we are so happy that this experience is turning out even better than we had hoped it would.

oxford from carfax tower for carole knits

And only just a little jealous when she sends pictures like this of the view of Oxford from Carfax Tower.


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  1. Such a lucky girl! Can’t wait to hear all her stories & see all her pictures when she comes home 🙂

  2. I knew this would be a great experience for her. And you seem to be very calm – at least on the outside! What a view that is!

  3. I was hoping you’d update us on Hannah’s travels, so I’m thrilled to see these photos and glad to hear that things are going so well. This is a wonderful experience for her and wonderful that you can stay in touch and share it!

  4. You have quiet a girl! How wonderful she’s making great memories and having an excellent time. I wonder if she’ll come home with a changed accent!

  5. What a wonderful experience for Hannah!!! My daughter, Grace, who is the same age as Hannah, will be doing a semester in France next fall (she lost some credits in transferring, then took a year off after her dad died unexpectedly)… I hope Hannah’s experience, her opportunity of a lifetime, is wonderful every minute of every single day!!! 🙂

  6. welcome back! Sara brought a love for Pimm’s Cup home with her and it’s now a favorite summer drink for me, too. Of course I’m sure it’s better when you’re actually IN England (Sara says it’s fine here; maybe the cucumber and strawberries are fresher?) So glad Hannah has settled in and having fun. It helps the mama rest a bit easier, doesn’t it?

  7. Oxford is a lovely town. Lucky Hannah! Before you know it she’ll no doubt be punting on the Thames and picnicking, not unlike they do in Wind in the Willows.

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