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Ten On Tuesday

We live pretty close to Boston but we don’t get into the city very frequently. Traffic makes it a hassle, parking is expensive, the list of reasons goes on. And yet, whenever we do go I always say, “why don’t we do this more often?” It’s fun and it’s so different from where we live. So today, to remind myself about the good things about heading into the city, our Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Things I Love About Visiting the City.

boston expressway for carole knits

  1. People watching. Hand’s down, this is the best part. Oh the sights you see!
  2. Museums. Boston has some good ones, including the MFA, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Museum of Science just to name a few of my favorites.
  3. Historic Places. There are loads of historic places in Boston, from Paul Revere’s house to the location of the Boston Massacre and so much more. The Freedom Trail is a great way to visit all of those spots.
  4. Restaurants. The North End is known for it’s great Italian places, there are several great steak spots, excellent sushi and so much more.
  5. Stores. Okay, I really could just say Sephora and leave it at that.  But truthfully the stores are great, from quaint little shops to big ole Saks 5th Avenue.
  6. Street Food. Farmer’s Markets and taco trucks and all of the food vendors at Fanueil Hall – I could go on and on about the endless possibilities.
  7. Beautiful hotels. I particularly love The Parker House and the Fairmont Copley.
  8. Parks. There’s just something different about a city park and the public garden in Boston is the home of the infamous swan boats and Make Way for Ducklings statues, too.
  9. Walking everywhere. I love that it’s just easier to walk. It’s  a great way to get in some exercise without feeling like you are actually exercising. And you get to see so much on your journey.
  10. Libraries. Of course! Boston Public Library is one of the best.

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  1. Boston is one of my favorite cities as there is so much to do and I would have even more fun if I explored it with you!

  2. Boston has so much to recommend and you are right–it’s easy to kick back and not bother, but what rewards when you do bother. The history in Boston and the books in Cambridge are huge draws for me!

  3. It’s true – Boston is a great walking city (except maybe sometimes in winter when you go up to your shins in icy slush when you step off the curb!) The swan boats, oh the swan boats.

  4. I’ve been to Boston a handful of times, but only on business. The last time I never even left the hotel! I love visiting cities and this one is certainly on my list. What a fun topic – I’ve paid vicarious visits to several cities this morning!

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