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Halloween Tradition Time

Did anyone see what happened to my weekend? Because I blinked and wooooooosh it was over! That’s probably because I was busy have a really good time prepping and hosting our annual Halloween party with Dale, followed by a great afternoon watching the Pats with Doreen and Mark, and then ending with our annual dinner and haunted house tradition with Len and the family. I’ll have pictures and stories about our party later this week but for now, there’s this:

family halloween photo 2015

That’s Dale and I along with Hannah and her boyfriend, Patrick and his girlfriend, and Len and Peg and their kids and significant others, too. This has turned into a great family tradition – we have dinner at The Abington Ale House and then we visit Barrett’s Haunted Mansion and The Maze. Delicious and scary and fun! And, thanks to Len’s status as fire chief in a neighboring community, we really get the VIP treatment. I have to say that this year, with the mansion’s theme as a medical hospital gone off the rails, was one of the best ever.

As I said to everyone yesterday when we toasted each other, the family that gets scared together stays together. Or maybe it’s just survival of the fittest! Either way there’s not a bunch I’d rather be with, scared or not.

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  1. That sounds like such a great time. I never heard of it before. I’ll have to keep it mind for next year. And how did Patrick get old enough to have a girlfriend already? What a nice family picture.

  2. Family fun is always a great time! (Even when it’s a haunted house and a maze. NOT things I really line up to do.)

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