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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Peppermint Mocha Striped Socks

Don’t fall off your chairs or spit out your coffee (or wine, you may not be a morning reader) but I finished a pair of socks.

I know.

This is the first pair of socks I have finished since June. Yes, June. I have some theories about why sock knitting has lost it’s appeal for me but I’m saving that for November since, you know, I’m going to need all of the blog fodder I can get.

peppermint stripe socks 1 for carole knits

In the meantime, behold these lovelies.

peppermint stripe socks 2 for carole knits

The yarn is a very special color of Cherry Tree Hill: Simply Socks Yarn Company Special Edition. It’s discontinued. Sorry ’bout that.

peppermint stripe socks 4 for carole knits

I seriously love this color combo. Lots of creamy white with dashes of hot pink and chocolate brown. Oh yeah.

peppermint stripe socks 3 for carole knits

They are my usual Picot Edge Pattern. I couldn’t help but thinking – as I took these photos and looked at all of those tiny stitches – how many stitches are there in a pair of socks? This is a rhetorical question and I don’t want an answer. Seriously, my sock mojo is in enough trouble without contemplating that.

peppermint stripe socks 5 for carole knits

Anyway, now that they are finally finished I have given them to my dear friend, Doreen. She’s the perfect sock recipient – she squeals when she gets a pair. You just have to love that in a friend.

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  1. Lucky Doreen! (And my sock mojo walked out the door sometime in 2007 and has not come back.) (Well, once maybe for long enough to knit a pair for my Mom. But otherwise . . . AWOL.)

  2. I’ve used your pattern and it’s a winner! In fact, after not having picked up my knitting needles in 6-ish years (yikes), I just referred to your picot edge instructions on the weekend as I cast on for a new pair of Latvian mittens. Thanks, Carole! (And I love that color combo!)

  3. I used to be good for about 2 pair a year but I’ve got 3/4 of a sock sitting on some needles and I’m sure they’ve been there a year! Those socks there are certainly enough to give anyone a little sock boost! Beautiful!

  4. I’m nearly done with the second of a pair I cast on in late December I think. Sometime after I finished the sweater the I wore for DH’s December 19th graduation. Although, I did start another sweater that I thought I’d wear for Christmas but we got really sick. Anyway, it’s been more than 6 months on the needles. I’ve pretty much only been knitting at knitting groups lately.

    As for the number of stitches in a sock, I’ve always heard it is roughly the same number of stitches in a pair of socks as in an average adult worsted weight sweater…

  5. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I was told that there are as many stitches in a pair of socks as there are in a sweater. Very pretty socks! And very lucky Doreen 😉

  6. Finished, and gifted my BFF, a pair of socks last week (her birthday was in April, ooops…). A new pair is on the needles (two socks, two circs). I try to have sock knitting as a go to. I used to be a one project at a time knitter, and got lots of FOs, but now I think I have at least five, and maybe six, projects going. I blame Ravelry… 😉

    Love your peppermint mocha socks!

  7. I need both squealing and wearing to motivate me to give away any knitted item. The socks are perfect for the holidays with peppermint and chocolate. You are so active and busy that any amount of knitting (sock or otherwise) amazes me! Have your activities changed in some way or are you just tired of sock knitting!

  8. Beautiful socks! Sort of like Neapolitan ice cream. Yeah, I can’t remember when I last cast on a pair of socks….. I have several in my WIP pile that just need to get done. If I get one set finished perhaps I’ll have enough mojo built up to get to the second pair….. Hmm. I do need new socks.

  9. They’re beautiful…maybe just beautiful enough to get my sock mojo back again! It has been lost for a long, long time…and I have enough sock yarn to knit socks for a centipede! At the moment, I’m knitting fingerless mitts…just like socks but for our hands, right?! Knitting on #1 needles doesn’t thrill me…but these delicious looking socks are just the thing to get me knitting them again…thanks for sharing!

  10. Me too on the lost sock mojo. What’s up with that? Your pink, brown and white made me think of chocolate cordial cherries. The kind that come a dozen to a box at Christmas! mmmmmm

  11. Lovely socks! I know you weren’t looking for an answer but the Yarn Harlot wrote in one of her books that the average pair of socks has about 34,000 stitches!

  12. You were the person to inspire me to knit 12 pairs of socks in 12 months…and it actually turned into 14 pair! So thanks (I think). Since then I have tapered back to four to six pair a year and I am ready to make another pair of your picot edge socks. Love the color combinations you just finished!

  13. ahhhh socks! I haven’t knit on anything smaller than a size 3 (and that was just for a bit of edging) since my elbow “injury” back in May. I hate to tempt the fates, but wow, I miss socks! especially seeing such a pretty pair as that. Doreen is a lucky friend!

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