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Saturday Sky

sampson pond sky for carole knits

This is not the sky I am looking at today. If all went according to plan I am looking at lots of neon and glitter because I am currently in Las Vegas. I had originally thought I would post on the fly but I’m worried about that working and then getting derailed from NaBloPoMo at the beginning of the month. So. Posting ahead it is.

This is the sky I see from my office. It overlooks a beautiful pond and the trees are stunning right now. I think a view like this is what makes people love New England in autumn. I consider myself fortunate that it’s a view I get to see all the time.

Happy Saturday! I hope the sky is lovely wherever you are!

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  1. what a view! sadly, right now all I see is gray, and rain drops. I’m thinking a view of your Las Vegas sky might be just the thing to make me smile!

  2. Smokey has been playing Bad Company’s Electricland a lot recently. I just heard a live recording of it, and guess what? It seems to have been written about Las Vegas. Makes sense. Hope you are having/had a great time!

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